Recent Submissions

  • The Political Economy of Southeast Asia’s Extractive Industries: Governance, Power Struggles and Development Outcomes 

    Hatcher P (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020)
    This is not only the best collection of essays on the political economy of Southeast Asia, but also, as a singular achievement of the “Murdoch School”, one of the rarest of books that demonstrates how knowledge production ...
  • The Casketeers and prime-time tangihanga 

    Harrington, Erin (Freerange Press, 2018)
    From tangihanga, DIY funerals and new technologies to funeral poverty, this book explores what a good death might mean today and aims to foster honest conversations about death and dying in New Zealand.
  • The Penguin and the Wahine: Shipwrecks, resilience and popular culture 

    McManus R; Blake D; Johnston D (Routledge, 2019)
  • Asexualities, Intimacies and Relationality 

    Vares TM (Brill | Sense, 2019)
  • Why Should we Care about the Middle Ages? Putting the Case for the Relevance of Studying Medieval Europe 

    Jones C; Oschema K; Kostick C (De Gruyter, 2020)
    This introductory chapter puts forward a case for the continuing importance of studying the European Middle Ages. The early twenty-first century is witness to a boom in popular interest in the medieval, one which is playing ...
  • Pacific Perspectives: Why study Europe’s Middle Ages in Aotearoa New Zealand? 

    Jones C; Williams M (De Gruyter, 2020)
    It could be argued that the teaching of medieval history, while of intrinsic interest, is a colonial legacy that has very little relevance in the university curricula of a Pacific nation such as Aotearoa New Zealand. This ...
  • The Green Party 

    Ford, Geoffrey (Oxford University Press, 2015)
    The natural environment features strongly in the ways that New Zealanders think about New Zealand. A recurring idealisation of the natural landscape, what Bell calls the ‘nature myth’, is reflected outwards in the ‘clean ...
  • Māori: revitalization of an Endangered Language 

    King J (Oxford University Press, 2018)
  • An Exception To The Rule: Journalism And Research Ethics 

    Matheson D (Sage, 2018)
    This chapter argues that journalism’s ethical frameworks, particularly at moments when it is making its grandest claims to value, collide with those prevalent within universities and particularly with ethical review ...
  • A short history of the Canterbury College (University of New Zealand) ; with a register of graduates and associates of the college 

    Hight, James; Candy, Alice M. F. (Whitcombe and Tombs, 1927)
    The purpose and occasion of this work are sufficiently indicated by the title-page and the reference in ChapterXXVI., page 154. Those concerned in its preparation regret that its publication has been delayed, but the ...
  • Unstuck: Band Posters from the Christchurch City Libraries Archives (1980 - 89) [student research project] 

    Wood L; Patrick R; Kevern E; Shaw S; Joseph R; Shanks C; Sanson J; Cameron E; Rigby C; Sales S; Zeng V (Ilam Press, 2016)
    The posters in this collection in the Christchurch City Libraries Archives come from a specific place (Christchurch) and time (the archives say 1980–89, but the posters we’ve looked at were all done prior to 1984). A ...
  • A history of the University of Canterbury, 1873-1973 

    Gardner, W. J.; Beardsley, E. T.; Carter, T. E. (University of Canterbury, 1973)
    The history of the University of Canterbury in its first hundred years is published to commemorate the University's centennial in 1973. It gives a critical account of the government, administration and financing of the ...
  • Interspecies Care in a Hybrid Institution 

    Locke PEG (Rachel Carson Center, 2017)
    Piers Locke challenges the presuppositions of an anthropological education delimited in narrowly humanist-cultural terms. Recognizing elephants as moral actors in the institutional space of the elephant stable, he reconceives ...
  • Informal Caregivers: An invisible unpaid workforce 

    Maidment, J. (Canterbury University PressUniversity of Canterbury. Human Services and Social WorkUniversity of Canterbury. School of Language, Social and Political Sciences, 2016)
    The crucial role informal caregivers play in supporting people to remain in their own home for as long as possible is evident from both international and national research. The state, through its policies, has shifted the ...
  • Social policy, social work and social change 

    Maidment, J.; Beddoe, L. (Canterbury University PressUniversity of Canterbury. Human Services and Social WorkUniversity of Canterbury. School of Language, Social and Political Sciences, 2016)
    The study of social policy is interdisciplinary in nature and largely concerned with the way resources are distributed and wellbeing is attended to in any given society. Philosophical beliefs about what principles underpin ...
  • Propaganda at Home (Great Britain and Ireland) 

    Monger, D. (Freie Universität BerlinUniversity of Canterbury. School of Humanities and Creative ArtsUniversity of Canterbury. History, 2016)
    British and Irish domestic propaganda evolved patchily throughout the war. It underwent several stages of development, was delivered by many official and unofficial bodies, including critics, and featured multiple methods ...
  • Comment on sustainability and innovation in staple crop production in the US Midwest 

    Apiolaza, L.A. (University of Canterbury. School of Forestry, 2014)
    In a recent article Heinemann et al. (2013) focused “on the US staple crop agrobiodiversity, particularly maize” using the contrast between the yield of Western Europe and United States as a proxy for the comparison between ...
  • Union of Democratic Control 

    Monger, D. (Freie Universität BerlinUniversity of Canterbury. School of Humanities and Creative ArtsUniversity of Canterbury. History, 2015)
    The Union of Democratic Control was a prominent opposition group in Britain that particularly criticised the operation of British foreign policy and the role of "secret diplomacy". It advocated public oversight of diplomacy ...
  • City loops 

    Joyce, Z. (Audio Foundation and CMRUniversity of Canterbury. School of Language, Social and Political SciencesUniversity of Canterbury. Media and Communications, 2012)
  • Gangs 

    Newbold, G.; Taonui, R. (Ministry for Culture and HeritageUniversity of Canterbury. School of Social and Political SciencesUniversity of Canterbury. Sociology, 2011)

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