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  • Terra Futura: Antarctica in science fiction narratives. 

    Clery, Regina; Frame, Bob; Lindeman, Rob; Scott, Christine; Stent, Simon (2018)
    Across a range of genres, and from multiple sources, we have explored the main themes of specific science fiction works and how they contribute to public discourse on the Antarctic. In this case we have defined science ...
  • Antarctic future technologies. 

    Fletcher, Ashley; Battaerd, Bjorn; Mills, Francesca; Rees, Olivia; Gillies, Tasman (2018)
    Science in Antarctica has greatly increased our knowledge of climate, the Earth’s history and the human impact on the world’s environments, yet scientific activities in Antarctica are having a direct impact on the immediate ...
  • Antarctic sea ice and its implications. 

    Ahearn, John; Grover-Johnson, Olivia; Kringen, Tayele; Miller, Anna; Power, Chloe (2018)
    Global warming has caused a significant decrease in sea ice coverage in the Arctic. This is having far reaching implications for the ecosystems, as well as dramatically changing the way that humans interact with the Arctic ...
  • Dielectric breakdown in liquid nitrogen with the presence of thermal nitrogen bubbles. 

    Jin, Zhiyang (University of Canterbury, 2018)
    Thisthesisfirstintroducesthehigh-temperaturesuperconducting(HTS)powertransformer. As one of its disadvantages, the presence of thermal nitrogen bubbles during a short-circuit fault can potentially compromise the reliability ...
  • The pulmonate mud snail, Amphibola crenata as a potential bioindicator of estuarine trace metal and nutrient pollution in New Zealand. 

    De Silva, Nuwan A. L. (University of Canterbury, 2018)
    The present study was the first to examine the toxicological, biochemical, physiological, and population level responses of an estuarine pulmonate snail, Amphibola crenata, to trace metal and nutrient pollution using both ...

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