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  • Photomechanics : a study of inelastic behaviour of polycarbonate of bisphenol A 

    Danh, Tran-Xuan (University of Canterbury, 1970)
    The photomechanical relationship of a polymer undergoing finite deformation is examined in light of basic considerations of the relationship between the index tensor and the mechanical tensors: the stress and strain tensor, ...
  • Hybrid activist collectives: reframing mothers’ environmental and caring labour 

    Dombroski K (Emerald, 2016)
    © 2016, © Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to use a case study of an online parenting forum to theorise how mothers’ everyday environmental and caring labour is a form of environmental ...
  • Learning to be affected: Maternal connection, intuition and "elimination communication" 

    Dombroski KF (Elsevier BV, 2018)
    © 2017 Elsevier Ltd Even when heterosexual couples have relatively egalitarian relationships prior to children, once children are born, mothers tend to take on more and more of the care tasks associated with the home and ...
  • Sovereign Ratings and National Culture 

    Dang H; Partington G (2021)
    Default by sovereign governments depends upon their willingness to default and the nation’s capacity to pay. These are major factors considered by rating analysts and both may be affected by national culture. We ...
  • Fielding specific walk/run patterns in English professional Cricket 

    Turner, Thomas; Cooper, Steve; Davies, Rob; Hardy, Chris; Petersen, Carl (Sport and Exercise Science New Zealand, 2020)
    In cricket research, players are typically categorized by role. However, players of a certain role, for instance fast bowlers may not consistently field in the same position which leads to inaccurate representations of ...

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