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  • KMT-2017-BLG-2820 and the nature of the free-floating planet population 

    Ryu YH; Mróz P; Gould A; Hwang KH; Kim HW; Yee JC; Chung SJ; Jung YK; Shin IG; Shvartzvald Y; Zang W; Cha SM; Kim DJ; Kim SL; Lee CU; Lee DJ; Lee Y; Park BG; Han C; Pogge RW; Udalski A; Poleski R; Skowron J; Szymański MK; Soszyński I; Pietrukowicz P; Kozłowski S; Ulaczyk K; Rybicki KA; Iwanek P; Albrow, Michael (American Astronomical Society, 2021)
    We report a new free-floating planet (FFP) candidate, KMT-2017-BLG-2820, with Einstein radius θ ; 6 μas, lens-source relative proper motion μ ; 8 mas yr , and Einstein timescale t = 6.5 hr. It is the third FFP candidate ...
  • KMT-2019-BLG-0797: Binary-lensing event occurring on a binary stellar system 

    Han C; Lee CU; Ryu YH; Kim D; Chung SJ; Gould A; Hwang KH; Jung YK; Kim HW; Shin IG; Shvartzvald Y; Yee JC; Zang W; Cha SM; Kim DJ; Kim SL; Lee DJ; Lee Y; Park BG; Pogge RW; Albrow, Michael (EDP Sciences, 2021)
    Aims. We analyze the microlensing event KMT-2019-BLG-0797. The light curve of the event exhibits two anomalous features from a single-lens single-source model, and we aim to reveal the nature of the anomaly. Methods. It ...
  • NZATD Annual Industry Training Report 

    Wordsworth, Russell (2019)
    It is widely recognised that investment in staff training and development is vital for any organisation to be successful. It is also acknowledged that there are wide ranging degrees of investment across different ...
  • COVID wellbeing learnings 

    O'Kane P; Edgar F; Earl, Anna (2021)
    The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased research focus on workplace wellbeing, particularly among frontline health and other essential workers, operating in the eye of the storm. We seek to understand ...
  • Intensive care nurse-family engagement from a global perspective: A qualitative multi-site exploration 

    Naef R; Brysiewicz P; Mc Andrew NS; Beierwaltes P; Chiang V; Clisbee D; de Beer J; Honda J; Kakazu S; Nagl-Cupal M; Price AM; Richardson A; Tehan T; Towell-Barnard A; Eggenberger S; Richardson, Sandra (Elsevier BV, 2021)
    Background: Critical illness is distressing for families, and often results in negative effects on family health that influence a family's ability to support their critically ill family member. Although recent attention ...

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