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  • A diffuse interface model of interfaces: Grain boundaries in silicon nitride 

    Bishop CM; Cannon RM; Carter WC (Elsevier BV, 2005)
    A diffuse-interface model for interfaces in multi-component systems with energetic contributions from chemistry, defects, structure, orientation, electrostatics and gradients is proposed. The energy minimizing profiles of ...
  • Beachgoers’ ability to identify rip currents at a beach in situ 

    Pitman S; Thompson K; Hart D; Moran K; Gallop S; Brander R; Wooler A (2020)
    Rip currents (“rips”) are the leading cause of drowning on surf beaches worldwide. A major contributing factor is that many beachgoers are unable to identify rip currents. Previous research has attempted to quantify ...
  • Capitalising on Diversity: Espousal of Māori Values in the Workplace 

    Kuntz JRC; Beckingsale A; Macfarlane AH; Naswall, K (GSE Research Limited, 2014)
    This study investigated the relationship between organisational espousal of cultural group values and organisational commitment and citizenship behaviours. The study focused on Ma–ori employees, and their perceptions of ...
  • Thermodynamic properties of gases 

    Couldwell, C.M. (University of Canterbury, 1975)
    In chemical engineering, there is a need to understand p-V-T-x properties of gases for design purposes. These properties have been the subject of study since the classical work of Robert Boyle in 1662. Other major advances ...
  • The spontaneous heating of coal: large scale laboratory assessment and supporting theory 

    Chen, Xiao Dong (University of Canterbury, 1991)
    In this thesis the spontaneous heating of coal is considered to be the phenomena in which a sufficiently large quantity of coal (often many tonnes), will rise from ambient temperature and eventually go on fire if exposed ...

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