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  • From Fiction to Science - A cultural reflection on social robots 

    Bartneck C (2004)
    This paper reflects on the culture of human-robot interaction. A review of common concepts in movies and literature is presented and their relation to scientific work is discussed. Two new research directions on the ...
  • Subtle expressivity for characters and robots 

    Suzuki N; Bartneck C (ACM, 2003)
    People, both consciously and unconsciously, use subtle expressions to indirectly communicate their emotions and intentions through variations of the gaze direction, voice tone and gesture speed. People also perceive changes ...
  • Cross-Cultural Study of Expressive Avatars 

    Bartneck C; Takahashi T; Katagiri Y (2004)
    Avatars play an important role in international online communities. While certain simple expressions, such as facial emotional expressions are cultural independent, more complex expressions might not be. Therefore we ...
  • Rapid Prototyping for Interactive Robots 

    Bartneck C; Hu J (2004)
    A major problem for the development of interactive robots is the user requirement definition, especially the requirements of the appearance and the behavior of the robot. This paper proposes to tackle the problem using ...
  • Robot Abuse - A Limitation of the Media Equation 

    Bartneck C; Rosalia C; Menges R; Deckers I (2005)
    Robots become increasingly important in our society, but their social role remains unclear. The Media Equation states that people treat computers as social actors, and is likely to apply to robots. This study investigates ...

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