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Long-term causal effects of far-right terrorism in New Zealand.
(Oxford University Press (OUP), 2023) Bulbulia, Joseph; Afzali, Usman; Yogeeswaran, Kumar; Sibley, Chris; Gelfand M
The Christchurch mosque attacks in 2019, committed by a radical right-wing extremist, resulted in the tragic loss of 51 lives. Following these events, there was a noticable rise in societal acceptance of Muslim minorities. Comparable transient reactions have been observed elsewhere. However, the critical questions remain: can these effects endure? Are enduring effects evident across the political spectrum? It is challenging to answer such questions because identifying long-term causal effects requires estimating unobserved attitudinal trajectories without the attacks. Here, we use six preattack waves of Muslim acceptance responses from the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study (NZAVS) to infer missing counterfactual trajectories (NZAVS cohort 2012, N=4,865; replicated in 2013 cohort, N=7,894). We find (1) the attacks initially boosted Muslim acceptance; (2) the magnitude of the initial Muslim acceptance boost was similar across the political spectrum; (3) no changes were observed in negative control groups; and (4) two- and three-year effects varied by baseline political orientation: liberal acceptance was stable, conservative acceptance grew relative to the counterfactual trend. Overall, the attacks added five years of growth in Muslim acceptance, with no regression to preattack levels over time. Continued growth among conservatives highlights the attack's failure to divide society. These results demonstrate the utility of combining methods for causal inference with national-scale panel data to answer psychological questions of basic human concern.
ItemOpen Access
Ada Wells: A study of middle class women and socialism in Christchurch 1896-1919
(1987) Sharfe, Julia
The concern of this essay is the involvement of women, best described as " middleclass matrons" , with the Labour Party in Christchurch particularly in its early years. I shall attempt to determine to what extent this unlikely union came about, to explain why these women came to see the Labour Party as best representing the beliefs they had about the future of society. In many cases, it appears that these political beliefs may have had their origins in Fabian Socialism. The ideals of the Fabians in reforming society through moral reform and education and the emphasis they placed on the role of municipal government, are all reflected in the activities of many womens' organisations in late nineteenth century New Zealand.
ItemOpen Access
Economic potential of essential oil production from New Zealand-grown Eucalyptus bosistoana
(2023) Rajapaksha , Chamira; Greaves , Paul; Altaner, Clemens
Farm foresters and other growers are establishing a ground-durable hardwood resource, including the emerging plantation species Eucalyptus bosistoana in New Zealand. The foliage of this species contains essential oils in quantity and quality suitable for commercial extraction. Essential oil production could improve the economic viability of E. bosistoana plantations, diversifying the grower’s income and providing an early revenue stream. This study assessed the economic potential for essential oil production from New Zealand grown E. bosistoana plantations. A sensitivity analysis indicated that uncertainty of leaf biomass availability, genetic as well as seasonal changes in oil content, and fuctuations in essential oil price are equally important on the viability of an essential oil operation. Small-scale essential oil production could be sustainably supplied with foliage from thinning and pruning operations sourced from the envisaged regional planting programmes and commence in 3–5 years. A large-scale operation could be supplied when trees will be harvested. Lastly, based on the operational costs of a domestic small-scale essential oil producer, oil value from E. bosistoana would exceed the cost of production.
ItemOpen Access
Sudanese Young People of Refugee Background in Rural and Regional Australia
(The Society for the Provision of Education in Rural Australia (SPERA), 2013) Major, Jae; Wilkinson , Jane; Langat , Kip; Santoro , Ninetta
This article discusses literature pertaining to the settlement of African refugees in regional and rural Australia, particularly focusing on the specific challenges and opportunities faced by Sudanese young people of refugee background in education. Drawing on a pilot study of the out-of-school resources of regionally located young Sudanese students, we discuss the role of social and other capitals in generating conditions that may facilitate educational success for these students. We argue the case for educational research that takes into account the resources and capital upon which Sudanese young people of refugee background and their families draw in order to achieve in education.