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  • OGLE-2017-BLG-0329L: A Microlensing Binary Characterized with Dramatically Enhanced Precision Using Data from Space-based Observations 

    Han C; Novati SC; Udalski A; Lee C-U; Gould A; Bozza V; Mróz P; Pietrukowicz P; Skowron J; Szymański MK; Poleski R; Soszyński I; Kozłowski S; Ulaczyk K; Pawlak M; Rybicki K; Iwanek P; Albrow MD; Chung S-J; Hwang K-H; Jung YK; Ryu Y-H; Shin I-G; Shvartzvald Y; Yee JC; Zang W; Zhu W; Cha S-M; Kim D-J; Kim H-W; Kim S-L; Lee D-J; Lee Y; Park B-G; Pogge RW; Kim W-T; Beichman C; Bryden G; Carey S; Gaudi BS; Henderson CB; Dominik M; Helling C; Hundertmark M; Jørgensen UG; Longa-Peña P; Lowry S; Sajadian S; Burgdorf MJ; Campbell-White J; Ciceri S; Evans DF; Haikala LK; Hinse TC; Rahvar S; Rabus M; Snodgrass C (2018)
    Mass measurements of gravitational microlenses require one to determine the microlens parallax PIe, but precise PIe measurement, in many cases, is hampered due to the subtlety of the microlens-parallax signal combined ...
  • Cofactor Tail Length Modulates Catalysis of Bacterial F420-Dependent Oxidoreductases 

    Ney B; Carere CR; Sparling R; Jirapanjawat T; Stott MB; Jackson CJ; Oakeschott JG; Warden AC; Greening C (2017)
    F420 is a microbial cofactor that mediates a wide range of physiologically important and industrially relevant redox reactions, including in methanogenesis and tetracycline biosynthesis. This deazaflavin comprises a ...
  • Genetic diversity and structure in the Philippine Rafflesia lagascae complex (Rafflesiaceae) inform its taxonomic delimitation and conservation 

    Pelser PB; Nickrent DL; Gemmill CEC; Barcelona JF (2017)
    Rafflesia lagascaeis a rare endo-holoparasitic species with a disjunct distribution on Luzon Island. It is morphologically very similar to R. manillana from nearby Samar. This study aims to contribute to the taxonomy and ...
  • OGLE-2016-BLG-1266: A Probable Brown-Dwarf/Planet Binary at the Deuterium Fusion Limit 

    Albrow MD; Yee JC; Udalski A; Novati SC; Carey S; Henderson CB; Beichman C; Bryden G; Gaudi BS; Shvartzvald Y; Szymanśki MK; Mroź P; Skowron J; Poleski R; Soszynśki I; Kozlowski S; Pietrukowicz; Ulaczyk K; Pawlak M; Chung S-J; Gould A; Han C; Hwang K-H; Jung YK; Ryu Y-H; Shin I-G; Zhu W; Cha S-M; Kim D-J; Kim H-W; Kim S-L; Lee C-U; Lee D-J; Lee Y; Park B-G; Pogge RW (2018)
    We report the discovery, via the microlensing method, of a new very-low-mass binary system. By combining measurements from Earth and from the Spitzer telescope in Earth-trailing orbit, we are able to measure the ...
  • Hubble flow variance and the cosmic rest frame 

    Wiltshire DL; Smale PR; Mattsson T; Watkins R (2013)
    We characterize the radial and angular variance of the Hubble flow in the composite sample of 4534 galaxies, on scales in which much of the flow is in the nonlinear regime. With no cosmological assumptions other than the ...
  • An elastomeric micropillar platform for the study of protrusive forces in hyphal invasion 

    Tayagui, A.; Sun, Y.; Collings, D. A.; Garrill, A.; Nock, V. (2017)
    Oomycetes and fungi are microorganisms whose pathogenic (invasive) growth can cause diseases that are responsible for significant ecological and economic losses. Such growth requires the generation of a protrusive force, ...
  • The circle space of a spherical circle plane 

    Löwen, R.; Steinke, G. F. (BELGIAN MATHEMATICAL SOC TRIOMPHE, 2014)
    We show that the circle space of a spherical circle plane is a punctured projective 3-space. The main ingredient is a partial solution of the problem of Apollonius on common touching circles.
  • Facile fabrication of complex networks of memristive devices 

    Minnai C; Bellacicca A; Brown SA; Milani P (2017)
    We describe the memristive properties of cluster-assembled gold films. We show that resistive switching is observed in pure metallic nanostructured films at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, in response to applied ...
  • Framework for developing volcanic fragility and vulnerability functions for critical infrastructure 

    Wilson G; Wilson TM; Deligne NI; Blake DM; Cole JW (2017)
    Volcanic risk assessment using probabilistic models is increasingly desired for risk management, particularly for loss forecasting, critical infrastructure management, land-use planning and evacuation planning. Over the ...
  • Search for high-energy neutrinos from gravitational wave event GW151226 and candidate LVT151012 with ANTARES and IceCube 

    Aubert JJ; Avgitas T; Baret B; Barrios-Martí J; Basa S; Bertin V; Biagi S; Bormuth R; Bourret S; Bouwhuis MC; Bruijn R; Brunner J; Busto J; Capone A; Caramete L; Carr J; Celli S; Chiarusi T; Circella M; Coelho JAB; Coleiro A; Coniglione R; Costantini H; Coyle P; Creusot A; Deschamps A; De Bonis G; Distefano C; Di Palma I; Donzaud C; Dornic D; Drouhin D; Eberl T; El Bojaddaini I; Elsässer D; Enzenhöfer A; Felis I; Fusco LA; Galatà S; Gay P; Giordano V; Glotin H; Grégoire T; Gracia Ruiz R; Graf K; Hallmann S; Van Haren H; Heijboer AJ; Hello Y; Hernández-Rey JJ; Hößl J; Hofestädt J; Hugon C; Illuminati G; James CW; De Jong M; Jongen M; Kadler M; Kalekin O; Katz U; Kießling D; Kouchner A; Kreter M; Kreykenbohm I; Kulikovskiy V; Lachaud C; Lahmann R; Lefèvre D; Leonora E; Lotze M; Loucatos S; Marcelin M; Margiotta A; Adams, J.; Bagherpour, H. (2017)
    © 2017 American Physical Society. The Advanced LIGO observatories detected gravitational waves from two binary black hole mergers during their first observation run (O1). We present a high-energy neutrino follow-up search ...
  • Atmospheric trace gases support primary production in Antarctic desert surface soil 

    Ji M; Greening C; Carere CR; Bay S; Steen J; Montgomery K; Lines T; Beardall J; van Dorst J; Snape I; Stott MB; Hugenholtz P; Ferrari B; Vanwonterghem, Inka (2017)
    Cultivation-independent surveys have shown that the desert soils of Antarctica harbour surprisingly rich microbial communities. Given that phototroph abundance varies across these Antarctic soils, an enduring question is ...
  • Structural and functional analysis of the GABARAP interaction motif (GIM) 

    Rogov VV; Stolz A; Ravichandran AC; Rios-Szwed DO; Suzuki H; Kniss A; Löhr F; Wakatsuki S; Dötsch V; Dikic I; Dobson RCJ; McEwan DG (2017)
    © 2017 The Authors. Published under the terms of the CC BY 4.0 license. Through the canonical LC3 interaction motif (LIR), [W/F/Y]-X 1 -X 2 -[I/L/V], protein complexes are recruited to autophagosomes to perform their ...
  • Maximal differential uniformity polynomials 

    Aubry Y; Herbaut F; Voloch JF (2017)
    We provide an explicit infinite family of integers m such that all the polynomials of F2n [x] of degree m have maximal differential uniformity for n large enough. We also prove a conjecture of the third author in these cases.
  • Watershed Urbanization Linked to Differences in Stream Bacterial Community Composition 

    Hosen JD; Febria CM; Crump BC; Palmer MA (2017)
    Urbanization strongly influences headwater stream chemistry and hydrology, but little is known about how these conditions impact bacterial community composition. We predicted that urbanization would impact bacterial ...
  • Bio-mimicking TiO2 Architectures for Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity under UV and Visible Light 

    Hashemizadeh I; Tsang DCW; Ng YH; Wu Z; Golovko V; Yip CK (2017)
    Green leaves are responsible for natural photosynthesis in plants and their unique structures offer the most efficient blueprint for artificial materials in terms of solar energy capture and utilisation. The full ...
  • Impact of Volcanic Ash on Road and Airfield Surface Skid Resistance 

    Blake DM; Wilson TM; Cole JW; Deligne NI; Lindsay JM (2017)
    Volcanic ash deposited on paved surfaces during volcanic eruptions often compromises skid resistance, which is a major component of safety. We adopt the British pendulum test method in laboratory conditions to investigate ...
  • Mixotrophy drives niche expansion of verrucomicrobial methanotrophs 

    Stott MB; Carere CR; Power JF; Cook GM; Hards K; Houghton KM; McDonald B; Collet C; Gapes DJ; Sparling R; Boyd ES; Greening C (2017)
    Aerobic methanotrophic bacteria have evolved a specialist lifestyle dependent on consumption of methane and other short-chain carbon compounds. However, their apparent substrate specialism runs contrary to the high ...
  • Search for sterile neutrino mixing using three years of IceCube DeepCore data 

    Adams J (2017)
    © 2017 American Physical Society. We present a search for a light sterile neutrino using three years of atmospheric neutrino data from the DeepCore detector in the energy range of approximately 10-60 GeV. DeepCore is the ...
  • Possible mechanisms of pollination failure in hybrid carrot seed and implications for industry in a changing climate 

    Broussard MA; Mas F; Howlett B; Pattemore D; Tylianakis JM (2017)
    Approximately one-third of our food globally comes from insect-pollinated crops. The dependence on pollinators has been linked to yield instability, which could potentially become worse in a changing climate. Insect-pollinated ...
  • OGLE-2016-BLG-1469L: Microlensing Binary Composed of Brown Dwarfs 

    Han C; Udalski A; Sumi T; Gould A; Albrow MD; Chung SJ; Jung YK; Ryu YH; Shin IG; Yee JC; Zhu W; Cha SM; Kim SL; Kim DJ; Lee CU; Lee Y; Park BG; Soszyński I; Mróz P; Pietrukowicz P; Szymański MK; Skowron J; Poleski R; Kozłowski S; Ulaczyk K; Pawlak M; Abe F; Asakura Y; Bennett DP; Bond IA; Bhattacharya A; Donachie M; Freeman M; Fukui A; Hirao Y; Itow Y; Koshimoto N; Li MCA; Ling CH; Masuda K; Matsubara Y; Muraki Y; Nagakane M; Ohnishi K; Oyokawa H; Rattenbury NJ; Saito T; Sharan A; Sullivan DJ; Suzuki D; Tristram PJ; Yamada T; Yamada T; Yonehara A; Barry R (2017)
    © 2017. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. We report the discovery of a binary composed of two brown dwarfs, based on the analysis of the microlensing event OGLE-2016-BLG-1469. Thanks to the detection ...

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