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  • Aldebaran Again - Is this the end of Pepper? 

    Allan D; Bartneck, Christoph (2022)
    Softbank Robotics sold their Nao and Pepper robots to the United Robotics Group (URG) which reversed the name of this business back to its orginal “Aldebaran”. In this episode Dwain Allan and I discuss the uncertain future ...
  • Autonomous Vehicles – Do We Really Know The Risks? [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2022)
    Autonomous Vehicles (AV) are the riskiest form of human-robot interaction. One the one hand they offer unparalleled improvements to the safety and comfort of drivers, passengers and other traffic participants. They also ...
  • Zombies - Can robots be conscious? [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2022)
    Are robots zombies? This might seem like a strange question at first, but it leads to one of the most important questions in science today: what is consciousness and can robot’s become conscious? These questions fascinate ...
  • Emotions And Consciousness In Robots [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2022)
    In the last HRI podcast episode we talked about the role of emotions for humans and robots. The interview with Douglas Campbell truly inspired me and there was not enough time in the last episode to go into the full depth ...
  • The Sad Robot [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2022)
    What roles do emotions, affect and moods play for humans and robots? We will discuss how robots can sense, reason and express emotions. Furthermore, we talk about if emotions make robots more human. I had the pleasure to ...
  • The Science Beyond the Horizon [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2021)
    Predatory conferences have become a global problem that plagues the scientific community. The Science Horizon Conferences claims to organize ten conference in 2022 in Europe, including the International Conference and Expo ...
  • The Story Of Boston Dynamics [Podcast] 

    Allan D; Bartneck, Christoph (2022)
    Boston Dynamics is the rock star of robotics. It recently featured in a beer commercial during the Super Bowl. How did a company that started as a military contractor become a novelty in beer commercials? Dwain Allan and ...
  • A comparison of surface and motion user-defined gestures for mobile augmented reality. 

    Dong, Ze (University of Canterbury, 2020)
    Augmented Reality (AR) technology permits interaction between the virtual and physical worlds. Recent advancements in mobile devices allow for a better mobile AR experience, and in turn, improving user adoption rate and ...
  • Sharing Manipulated Heart Rate Feedback in Collaborative Virtual Environments 

    Dey A; Chen H; Hayati A; Billinghurst M; Lindeman R (2019)
    We have explored the effects of sharing manipulated heart rate feedback in collaborative virtual environments. In our study, we created two types of different virtual environments (active and passive) with different ...
  • The Laws Of Robotics [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2021)
    In our previous podcast episode The Good Robot we discussed the difficulty of enabling robots to act ethically. When talking to journalists or policy makers about machine ethics you frequently get the response, well, Issac ...
  • There is method to the madness [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2020)
    The success of Human Robot Interaction depends on utilizing our understanding of the interaction between humans and robots in the development of new technology. These new technologies then need to be rigorously tested to ...
  • Testbed Evaluation of Multi-Travel Mode in Virtual Reality 

    Sarupuri, Bhuvaneswari; Jung, Sungchul; Hoermann, Simon; Whitton, Mary C.; Lindeman, Robert W. (2020)
    Most VR applications, regardless of travel distance or complexity of the Virtual Environment, provide only a single locomotion technique for users. Often, travel might require different levels of precision and speed (travel ...
  • Why do all social robots fail in the market? [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2020)
    While working on our first Human-Robot Interaction textbook, we noticed that almost all the robots mentioned in the book had failed in the market. Our book had become an obituary. I talked with Lundy Lewis, Frederic Kaplan, ...
  • The consequences of competition: simulating the effects of research grant allocation strategies 

    Höylä, T.; Bartneck, Christoph; Tiihonen, T. (SPRINGER, 2016)
    © 2016, Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary. Researchers have to operate in an increasingly competitive environment in which funding is becoming a scarce resource. Funding agencies are unable to experiment with their ...
  • Reciprocity in Human-Robot Interaction: A Quantitative Approach Through the Prisoner’s Dilemma and the Ultimatum Game 

    Sandoval, E. B.; Brandstetter, J.; Obaid, M.; Bartneck, Christoph (SPRINGER, 2016)
    Reciprocity is an important factor in human–human interaction, so it can be expected that it should also play a major role in human–robot interaction (HRI). Participants in our study played the Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma ...
  • Artificial Artificial Intelligence [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2020)
    Alan Turing devised the Imitation Game as a test the intelligence of machines. This test is also used in human-robot interaction. But what happens if not a computer is trying to convince you that it is a human, but a human ...
  • The Good Robot [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2020)
    Humans have asked themselves since the beginning of time “What is good”? While we have some consensus and even laws, teaching a robot to act ethically remains a delicate problem. It certainly requires more than three laws. ...
  • The Rise And Fall of ATR [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2020)
  • Humans and/or Robots at ATR [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2020)
  • Ask your librarian [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, Christoph (2019)

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