Recent Submissions

  • African Law Clinicians' Manual 

    Palmer R; McQuoid-Mason D (Institute for Professional Legal Training (IPLT), 2013)
  • Does Cyberspace Need Antitrust? 

    Crampton, E.; Boudreaux, D.J. (Cato InstituteUniversity of Canterbury. Economics., 2003)
  • Robust analytical egalitarianism: Worst-case political economy and the socialist calculation debate 

    Farrant, A.; Crampton, E. (University of Canterbury. Economics.University of Michigan Press, 2008)
    Robust political economy built on worst case assumptions must carefully state joint hypotheses as the best or worst case nature of individual assumptions can hinge critically on these joint assumptions. Where benevolence ...
  • Market Failure 

    Crampton, E. (University of Canterbury. Economics.Sage, 2007)
    Market failure theories underlie most economic arguments for government intervention in the economy. When markets operate in accordance with standard economic assumptions, no person can be made better off except by ...