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  • The making of: Filemaker 

    Bartneck C (De-Bug, 1998)
  • Fry’s 

    Bartneck C (De-Bug, 1998)
  • Web98 - Eine Konferenz in San Francisco 

    Bartneck C (De-Bug, 1998)
  • Curves that change genus can have arbitrarily many rational points 

    Voloch JF (1995)
    A singular curve over a non-perfect field K may not have a smooth model over K. Those are said to "change genus". If K is a global field of positive characteristic and C/K a curve that change genus, then C(K) is known ...
  • The Sato-Tate Distribution in Thin Parametric Families of Elliptic Curves 

    Bretèche RDL; Sha M; Shparlinski IE; Voloch JF (2015)
    We obtain new results concerning the Sato-Tate conjecture on the distribution of Frobenius traces over single and double parametric families of elliptic curves. We consider these curves for values of parameters having ...
  • Visible Points on Curves over Finite Fields 

    Shparlinski IE; Voloch JF (2013)
    For a prime 𝑝 and an absolutely irreducible modulo 𝑝 polynomial 𝑓(U,V) ∈ ℤ[U,V] we obtain an asymptotic formulas for the number of solutions to the congruence 𝑓(𝑥,𝑦) ≡ a (mod 𝑝) in positive integers 𝑥 ⩽ X, 𝑦 ...
  • On the number of rational points on special families of curves over function fields 

    Ulmer D; Voloch JF (2016)
    We construct families of curves which provide counterexamples for a uniform boundedness question. These families generalize those studied previously by several authors. We show, in detail, what fails in the argument ...
  • Torsion points on y²=x⁶+1 

    Voloch JF (1997)
    Let C be the curve y²=x⁶+1 of genus 2 over a field of characteristic zero. Consider C embedded in its Jacobian J by sending one of the points at infinity on C to the origin of J. In this brief note we show that the ...
  • Precision Forestry Research Project – Final Report 

    Mason, Euan G.; Morgenroth, Justin A.; Bown, Horacio E. (University of Canterbury, 2016)
  • Page turning : score automation for musicians 

    McPherson, John R. (University of Canterbury, 1999)
    This report examines various aspects of the use of computers for the purpose of displaying sheet music for musicians. The main focus is on the layout of the displayed music and methods that can be used to simulate ...
  • Bounds on causal parameters of prospective ground motions and their effect on characteristics of selected ground motions 

    Tarbali, K.; Bradley, B.A. (Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, University of Canterbury, 2015)
    In this study, the effect of considering bounds on causal parameters of prospective ground motions (e.g., magnitude, source-to-site distance, and site condition) for the purpose of ground-motion selection is investigated. ...
  • Infinite antichains of matroids with characteristic set {p} 

    Oxley, J.; Semple, Charles; Vertigan, D.; Whittle, G. (University of Canterbury, 1999)
    For each prime p, we construct an infinite antichain of matroids in which each matroid has characteristic set {p}. For p=2, each of the matroids in our antichain is an excluded minor for the class of matroids representable ...
  • The use of alignment in ancient near Eastern mathematics 

    Ford, Rebecca (University of Canterbury, 2012)
    Cuneiform texts from the ancient near east include the oldest written mathematics in the world. These texts did not use symbolism to communicate mathematical operations, unlike modern mathematics. The hypothesis of this ...
  • A data abstraction model 

    Ridwan, M. M.; Loy, Z. (University of Canterbury, 1978)
    An abstract model, called the data abstraction model, is proposed, and the basic DATAM constructs and representations are presented. The use of DATAM in the modelling and representation of the enterprise view of data is ...
  • A digital logic simulator for the Apple Macintosh 

    Wild, Michael (University of Canterbury, 1985)
    The aim of this project was to design a digital logic simulator to run on the Apple Macintosh. It was envisaged that users would be able to design a network of gates, flip-flops and signal sources interactively, then ...
  • Tellabs network monitor : project report 

    Weir, Lindsay Brian (University of Canterbury, 1991)
    The Mount Cook Group Ltd operate a nation-wide commercial and tour group computer network. The network consists of two central computers, the NCR 9400 and 9500 series mini computers together supporting about 150 terminals. ...
  • Tellabs network monitor : source code listing 

    Weir, Lindsay Brian (University of Canterbury, 1991)
    To install the Tellabs Network Monitor simply run the INST ALL.BAT batch file. This reads (by default) from the original source disk in drive B: and writes to the destination hard drive on drive C:. If any changes ...
  • Ashmon : a monitoring package for prime 50 series machines 

    Ashton, Paul (University of Canterbury, 1984)
    A major objective for all interactive systems is to provide adequate response time performance for terminal users. The best way to find the causes of inadequate response is to examine the behaviour of the components of ...
  • Load balancing by tailoring programs for migration 

    Stewart, Andrew (University of Canterbury, 1994)
    A number of approaches have been taken to the problem of load balancing, most of these centred around the concepts of placement and migration of arbitrary (hopefully compute-intensive) processes. These techniques can be ...
  • An assessment of POSTGRES as a tool for representing Geographical Information Systems 

    Saysell, Philip (University of Canterbury, 1994)
    Geographical databases, such as ARC-INFO, have traditionally been stored in a hybrid database management system, with spatial data stored in one form, and the entity-relationship data stored in another form. There have ...

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