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  • Sex Robots 

    Bartneck C (2019)
    It is not a question if sex robots will become available but only when. Many companies are working on their development with moderate success. While empirical research on the topic is rare, the ethical implications of sex ...
  • eMuu - An InterFace for the HomeLab 

    Bartneck, C. (2002)
    A salient feature of the ambient intelligent home of the future will be the natural interaction between the home and its inhabitants through speech. An embodied home character is necessary to ensure a natural dialogue ...
  • The ACE Controversy: Sex, Robots, and Politics [podcast] 

    Bartneck, C. (2019)
    If these are not enough publicity buzz words, then I do not know what is. In this episode we will look at the epic events around the Advances in Computer Entertainment (ACE 2018) conference and the associated Love And Sex ...
  • Advice for the young at heart [podcast] 

    Bartneck, C. (2019)
    Completing a PhD is a major accomplishment but it is only the start of an academic career. A study by The Royal Society found that only 3.5% of students that complete a PhD secure a permanent research position at a university. ...
  • Being a PHD student in HRI 

    Bartneck, C. (2019)
    Most research at universities is done by PhD students. They are an essential part in the progress of science. The relationship between a PhD student and his or her supervisor is not unlike a marriage as Jorge Cham pointed ...
  • Art in Human-Robot Interaction [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, C. (2019)
    Many disciplines contribute to the success of human-robot interaction. Computer scientists and psychologist are amongst the most frequent contributors, but their contributions are not necessarily the most interesting ones. ...
  • Robots and Racism [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, C. (2019)
    Racism is a major problem in our society and it is an issue from which the HRI community cannot shy away from. Several studies showed that people transfer their racial biases onto robots. In this episode we will talk about ...
  • Aldebaran Or How To Sell A Robot [Podcast] 

    Bartneck, C. (2019)
    The business of creating and selling social robots is risky. Many companies have tried to sell social robots and only few have succeeded to sustain their business over a longer period of time. Aldebaran, or Softbank Robotics, ...
  • The Ideal Order - Radio Play 

    Bartneck, C.
    This is the radio play version of the book. Dr. Rob Park’s life is out of order. His estranged wife is leaving him, the relationship to his daughters is strained and his academic career is at a dead end. He escapes into ...
  • Autonomous Vehicles – Legal Concerns [MP3] 

    Bartneck, C. (2019)
    We continue our discussion on autonomous vehicles and focus in this episode on the legal aspects. In particular the issues around liability are a major obstacle for the wide adoption of autonomous vehicles. Who will be ...
  • Autonomous Vehicles – The Future Of Transportation [MP3] 

    Bartneck, C. (2019)
    Autonomous vehicles are one of the most interesting topics in human-robot interaction right now. While they are not humanoid in shape, they are one of the biggest, deadliest and most promising robots available to the general ...
  • QuakeCoRE Software Workshops and Training 

    Bae SE; Lagrava D; McGann CR; Chandramohan R; Motha J; Bradley BA (2017)
  • Modeling nonlinear site effects in physics-based ground motion simulation 

    Bradley BA; de la torre C (2017)
    This study examines the performance of nonlinear total-stress wave-propagation site response analysis for modelling site effects in physics-based ground motion simulations of the 2010-2011 Canterbury, New Zealand ...
  • Insights into the Effect of Source Uncertainties on Ground Motion Simulation of the 2010 Mw7.1 Darfield Earthquake 

    Bradley BA; Razafindrakoto H; Polak, V.; Graves, R.W. (2017)
    A complete understanding of ground motion uncertainty is fundamental for physics based seismic hazard analysis. This poster focuses on the quantification of the effect of the earthquake source uncertainties (fault geometry, ...
  • Simulation-based PSHA for the Canterbury region (Cybershake v17.8) 

    Bradley BA; Tarbali K; Polak V; Huang J; Bae S; Lagrava D; Motha J (2017)
  • The Mathematics of Craft (Invited Workshops) 

    McLeod, J.; Wilson, P.; Mark, S.; Rattenbury, N. (2017)
    Maths Craft is a non-profit initiative founded in 2016 and run by academics who are passionate about engaging the public with mathematics through craft. The inaugural Maths Craft event was the Maths Craft Festival held ...
  • Ultra-High-Temperature Electrolytic Titanium Extraction From Waste Slag 

    Martin-Treceno S; Hughes T; Bishop C; Brown I; Jia Y; Marshall A; Watson MJ (2018)
    A new process to produce affordable titanium metal has the potential to widen its use. In New Zealand, up to 200,000 tonnes/year of Ti-rich slag is available as a by-product of the steelmaking process. Recently, molten ...
  • Pancreatic Function: An Overview of Modelling, Methods and Considerations 

    Chase, J.G.; Dickson JL; Pretty CG; Shaw G; Desaive T (2017)
  • Traversing the valley of glycemic control despair 

    Chase, J.G.; Dickson JL; Benyo B (2017)

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