Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Charging Efficiency Evaluation

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Silva Thotabaddadurage, Dr. Sadeeshvara

In 2015, the Paris Agreement on climate change announced a comprehensive and rapid decarbonization of all economic sectors to below the threshold of 1.5 °C of global warming. Supporting this transitioning to net-zero emissions, Aotearoa New Zealand has identified the opportunity of a more productive, sustainable and inclusive economy. This includes a nearterm target of 100% renewable electricity by 2035, and a clean carbon-neutral economy by 2050. In achieving long-term goals, decarbonisation of the transport sector is a major requirement, as over 21% of New Zealand’s carbon footprint originates from light vehicle fleet. Hence, the government has recommended phasing out imports of fossil-fuelled cars by 2035, and promoted the adaptation of electric vehicles. This paper presents an efficiency evaluation of a range of typical electric vehicle chargers used in New Zealand, and predicts efficiency improving methods that can be adopted in future EV infrastructure. Efficiency measurements of 8 EV chargers (4 DC fast chargers and 4 AC home chargers) have been carried out during this study with a special emphasis on input/output power variations throughout the charging cycle. Additionally, charge profiles of common EVs found in NZ were studied, under both AC and DC fast charging. DC charger efficiency varied between exemplar charges, and was found to fall well below state-of-the-art power converter efficiencies. Conversely, AC EVSE demonstrated greater levels of performance with over 99% efficiencies regardless of charger type and power rating.

Silva S (2023). Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Charging Efficiency Evaluation. EEA2023 Conference, Christchurch, 28/06/2023.
Electric Vehicles, EV charging, Charger efficiency, Decarbonization of transport, Power quality, Sustainable economy, Energy transition
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40 - Engineering::4008 - Electrical engineering::400805 - Electrical energy transmission, networks and systems
40 - Engineering::4005 - Civil engineering::400512 - Transport engineering
40 - Engineering::4002 - Automotive engineering::400205 - Hybrid and electric vehicles and powertrains
41 - Environmental sciences::4101 - Climate change impacts and adaptation::410103 - Human impacts of climate change and human adaptation
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