Recent Submissions

  • Beachgoers’ ability to identify rip currents at a beach in situ 

    Pitman S; Thompson K; Hart D; Moran K; Gallop S; Brander R; Wooler A (2020)
    Rip currents (“rips”) are the leading cause of drowning on surf beaches worldwide. A major contributing factor is that many beachgoers are unable to identify rip currents. Previous research has attempted to quantify ...
  • Diaphragm axial capacity for external diaphragm connections (EDCs) in square CFST column structures 

    Tjahjanto H; MacRae G; Abu A; Clifton C; Beetham T; Mago N (New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 2019)
    This paper evaluates external diaphragm axial capacity in moment frame structures with square concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) columns considering bidirectional loading. Three design methods were considered: (1) the ...
  • The Invisible Naked Guy: An exploration of a minimalistic robot 

    Partridge, M.; Bartneck, C. (2013)
    The development of convincing androids is currently constraint by the limitations of artificial intelligence. Instead of developing even more realistic human-like robots we attempt to push the opposite design direction to ...