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  • Clear-sky ultraviolet radiation modelling using output from the Chemistry Climate Model Initiative 

    Lamy K; Portafaix T; Josse B; Brogniez C; Godin-Beekmann S; Bencherif H; Revell L; Akiyoshi H; Bekki S; Hegglin MI; Jöckel P; Kirner O; Liley B; Marecal V; Morgenstern O; Stenke A; Zeng G; Abraham NL; Archibald AT; Butchart N; Chipperfield MP; Di Genova G; Deushi M; Dhomse SS; Hu R-M; Kinnison D; Kotkamp M; McKenzie R; Michou M; O'Connor FM; Oman LD; Pitari G; Plummer DA; Pyle JA; Rozanov E; Saint-Martin D; Sudo K; Tanaka TY; Visioni D; Yoshida K (Copernicus GmbH, 2019)
    <jats:p>&lt;p&gt;&lt;strong&gt;Abstract.&lt;/strong&gt; We have derived values of the ultraviolet index (UVI) at solar noon using the Tropospheric Ultraviolet Model (TUV) driven by ozone, temperature and aerosol fields ...
  • Agricultural intensification, ownership, and landscape change in the Mackenzie Basin 

    Brower A; Sprague R; McNair H; Vernotte M (2018)
    This article investigates the role of shifting land ownership in landscape change in New Zealand’s Mackenzie Basin. It was hypothesised that ownership patterns influence landscape transformation; and changes in ownership ...
  • Reflection on Robotic Intelligence 

    Bartneck C (2006)
    This paper reflects on the development or robots, both their physical shape as well as their intelligence. The later strongly depends on the progress made in the artificial intelligence (AI) community which does not yet ...
  • ALICE's Adventures in Cultural Computing 

    Hu J; Bartneck C; Salem B; Rauterberg M (Inderscience Publishers, 2008)
    In the paradigm of cultural computing, different cultures need different approaches to address the cultural determinants that strongly influences our way of thinking, feeling and worldview in general. For the western ...
  • Virus discovery in all three major lineages of terrestrial arthropods highlights the diversity of single-stranded DNA viruses associated with invertebrates 

    Baker CCM; Cassill DL; Storer C; Varsani A; Breitbart M; Rosario K; Mettel K; Benner BE; Johnson R; Scott C; Yusseff-Vanegas, SZ (2018)
    © 2018 Rosario et al. Viruses encoding a replication-associated protein (Rep) within a covalently closed, single-stranded (ss)DNA genome are among the smallest viruses known to infect eukaryotic organisms, including ...
  • Coronary smooth muscle cell calcium dynamics: Effects of bifurcation angle on atheroprone conditions 

    Dowding S; Zakkaroff C; Moore S; David T (2018)
    © 2018 Frontiers Media S.A.All right reserved. This work investigates the effect of arterial bifurcation angulation on atherosclerosis development through in-silico simulations of coupled cell dynamics. The computational ...
  • From darkness comes light: music as a reflection of the lived experience of young musicians following the Christchurch earthquakes 

    Shepherd PM (2017)
    Context of the project: On 4 September 2010, 22 February 2011, 13 June 2011 and 23 December 2011 Christchurch suffered major earthquakes and aftershocks (well over 10,000) that have left the central city in ruins and many ...
  • Occurrence of a novel mastrevirus in sugarcane germplasm collections in Florida, Guadeloupe and Réunion 

    Boukari W; Alcalá-Briseño RI; Kraberger S; Fernandez E; Filloux D; Daugrois JH; Comstock JC; Lett JM; Martin DP; Varsani A; Roumagnac P; Polston JE; Rott PC (2017)
    © 2017 The Author(s). Background: In Africa and Asia, sugarcane is the host of at least seven different virus species in the genus Mastrevirus of the family Geminiviridae. However, with the exception of Sugarcane white ...
  • A comparison of different types of learning activities in a mobile Python tutor 

    Fabic G; Mitrovic A; Neshatian K (Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education, 2017)
    Programming (i.e. coding) is becoming one of the skills expected for successful careers in the knowledge economy1, and is being taught at all levels, including primary and secondary schools. Programming skills are difficult ...
  • Zero-cycles of degree one on Skorobogatov's bielliptic surface 

    Creutz B (2017)
    © 2017 Elsevier Inc. Skorobogatov constructed a bielliptic surface which is a counterexample to the Hasse principle not explained by the Brauer–Manin obstruction. We show that this surface has a 0-cycle of degree 1, as ...
  • Implications of improved representations of plant respiration in a changing climate 

    Huntingford C; Atkin OK; Martinez-De La Torre A; Mercado LM; Heskel MA; Harper AB; Bloomfield KJ; O'Sullivan OS; Reich PB; Wythers KR; Butler EE; Chen M; Griffin KL; Meir P; Tjoelker MG; Turnbull MH; Sitch S; Wiltshire A; Malhi Y (2017)
    © 2017 The Author(s). Land-atmosphere exchanges influence atmospheric CO 2 . Emphasis has been on describing photosynthetic CO 2 uptake, but less on respiration losses. New global datasets describe upper canopy dark ...
  • Identifying a common backbone of interactions underlying food webs from different ecosystems 

    Mora BB; Gravel D; Gilarranz LJ; Poisot T; Stouffer DB (2018)
    © 2018 The Author(s). Although the structure of empirical food webs can differ between ecosystems, there is growing evidence of multiple ways in which they also exhibit common topological properties. To reconcile these ...
  • IceCube-Gen2 - The Next Generation Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole: Contributions to ICRC 2015 

    Collaboration TI-G; Aartsen MG; Abraham K; Ackermann M; Adams J; Aguilar JA; Ahlers M; Ahrens M; Altmann D; Anderson T; Ansseau I; Anton G; Archinger M; Arguelles C; Arlen TC; Auffenberg J; Axani S; Bai X; Bartos I; Barwick SW; Baum V; Bay R; Beatty JJ; Tjus JB; Becker K-H; Beiser E; BenZvi S; Berghaus P; Berley D; Bernardini E; Bernhard A; Besson DZ; Binder G; Bindig D; Bissok M; Blaufuss E; Blumenthal J; Boersma DJ; Bohm C; Börner M; Bos F; Bose D; Böser S; Botner O; Braun J; Brayeur L; Bretz H-P; Buzinsky N; Casey J; Casier M; Cheung E; Chirkin D; Christov A; Clark K; Classen L; Coenders S; Collin GH; Conrad JM; Cowen DF; Silva AHC; Daughhetee J; Davis JC; Day M; André JPAMD; Clercq CD; Rosendo EDP; Dembinski H; Ridder SD; Desiati P; Vries KDD; Wasseige GD; With MD; DeYoung T; Diaz-Vélez JC; Lorenzo VD; Dumm JP; Dunkman M; Eagan R; Eberhardt B; Ehrhardt T; Eichmann B; Euler S; Evans JJ; Evenson PA; Fadiran O; Fahey S; Fazely AR; Fedynitch A; Feintzeig J; Felde J; Filimonov K; Finley C; Fischer-Wasels T; Flis S; Fösig C-C; Fuchs T; Gaisser TK; Gaior R; Gallagher J; Gerhardt L; Ghorbani K; Gier D; Gladstone L; Glagla M; Glüsenkamp T; Goldschmidt A; Golup G; Gonzalez JG; Góra D; Grant D; Groh JC; Groß A; Ha C; Haack C; Ismail AH; Hallgren A; Halzen F; Hansmann B; Hanson K; Haugen J; Hebecker D; Heereman D; Helbing K; Hellauer R; Hellwig D; Hickford S; Hignight J; Hill GC; Hoffman KD; Hoffmann R; Holzapfel K; Homeier A; Hoshina K; Huang F; Huber M; Huelsnitz W; Hulth PO; Hultqvist K; In S; Ishihara A; Jacobi E; Japaridze GS; Jero K; Jones BJP; Jurkovic M; Kalekin O; Kaminsky B; Kappes A; Karg T; Karle A; Katori T; Katz U; Kauer M; Keivani A; Kelley JL; Kemp J; Kheirandish A; Kiryluk J; Kläs J; Klein SR; Kohnen G; Koirala R; Kolanoski H; Konietz R; Koob A; Köpke L; Kopper C; Kopper S; Koskinen DJ; Kowalski M; Krauss CB; Krings K; Kroll G; Kroll M; Kunnen J; Kurahashi N; Kuwabara T; Labare M; Lanfranchi JL; Larson MJ; Lesiak-Bzdak M; Leuermann M; Leuner J; LoSecco J; Lu L; Lünemann J; Madsen J; Maggi G; Mahn KBM; Marka S; Marka Z; Maruyama R; Mase K; Matis HS; Maunu R; McNally F; Meagher K; Medici M; Meli A; Menne T; Merino G; Meures T; Miarecki S; Middell E; Middlemas E; Mohrmann L; Montaruli T; Moore RW; Morse R; Nahnhauer R; Naumann U; Neer G; Niederhausen H; Nowicki SC; Nygren DR; Obertacke A; Olivas A; Omairat A; O'Murchadha A; Palazzo A; Palczewski T; Pandya H; Paul L; Pepper JA; Heros CPDL; Petersen TC; Pfendner C; Pieloth D; Pinat E; Pinfold JL; Posselt J; Price PB; Przybylski GT; Pütz J; Quinnan M; Raab C; Rädel L; Rameez M; Rawlins K; Reimann R; Relich M; Resconi E; Rhode W; Richman M; Richter S; Riedel B; Robertson S; Rongen M; Rott C; Ruhe T; Ryckbosch D; Saba SM; Sabbatini L; Sander H-G; Sandrock A; Sandroos J; Sandstrom P; Sarkar S; Schatto K; Scheriau F; Schimp M; Schmidt T; Schmitz M; Schoenen S; Schöneberg S; Schönwald A; Schulte L; Seckel D; Seunarine S; Shaevitz MH; Shanidze R; Smith MWE; Soldin D; Söldner-Rembold S; Song M; Spiczak GM; Spiering C; Stahlberg M; Stamatikos M; Stanev T; Stanisha NA; Stasik A; Stezelberger T; Stokstad RG; Stößl A; Ström R; Strotjohann NL; Sullivan GW; Sutherland M; Taavola H; Taboada I; Taketa A; Tanaka HKM; Ter-Antonyan S; Terliuk A; Tešić G; Tilav S; Toale PA; Tobin MN; Toscano S; Tosi D; Tselengidou M; Turcati A; Unger E; Usner M; Vallecorsa S; Vandenbroucke J; Eijndhoven NV; Vanheule S; Santen JV; Veenkamp J; Vehring M; Voge M; Vraeghe M; Walck C; Wallace A; Wallraff M; Wandkowsky N; Weaver C; Wendt C; Westerhoff S; Whelan BJ; Whitehorn N; Wichary C; Wiebe K; Wiebusch CH; Wille L; Williams DR; Wissing H; Wolf M; Wood TR; Woschnagg K; Wren S; Xu DL; Xu XW; Xu Y; Yanez JP; Yodh G; Yoshida S; Zoll M (2015)
    Papers submitted to the 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2015, The Hague) by the IceCube-Gen2 Collaboration. IceTop is the 1 km2 surface array of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. Measurements of ground level ...
  • Direction and delgation for New Zealand nurses 

    Hughes M; Kirk RC; Dixon A (2018)
  • Review of the global models used within phase 1 of the Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative (CCMI) 

    Morgenstern O; Hegglin MI; Rozanov E; O'Connor FM; Abraham NL; Akiyoshi H; Archibald AT; Bekki S; Butchart N; Chipperfield MP; Deushi M; Dhomse SS; Garcia RR; Hardiman SC; Horowitz LW; Joeckel P; Josse B; Kinnison D; Lin M; Mancini E; Manyin ME; Marchand M; Marecal V; Michou M; Oman LD; Pitari G; Plummer DA; Revell LE; Saint-Martin D; Schofield R; Stenke A; Stone K; Sudo K; Tanaka TY; Tilmes S; Yamashita Y; Yoshida K; Zeng G (2017)
  • Normativity, Realism and Emotional Experience 

    Turp M (2018)
    Norms are standards against which actions, dispositions of mind and character, states of affairs and so forth can be measured. They also govern our behaviour, make claims on us, bind us and provide reasons for action and ...
  • Singleton breech presentation at term: Review of the evidence and international guidelines for application to the New Zealand context 

    Dixon L; Gray E; McDonald C; Gullam J; Powell RL (New Zealand College of Midwives, 2017)
    Background: Over the last few decades the management of a breech baby at term has been immersed in controversy. It is important that New Zealand midwives and doctors have sufficient understanding of the evidence to be ...
  • Impacts of new technologies on load profiles 

    Campbell M; Miller AJV; Watson NR (2016)

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