Recent Submissions

  • Biomechanical modeling of English /r/ variants 

    Stavness I; Gick B; Derrick D; Fels S (Acoustical Society of America (ASA), 2012)
    This study reports an investigation of the well-known context-dependent variation in English /r/ using a biomechanical tongue-jaw-hyoid model. The simulation results show that preferred /r/ variants require less volume ...
  • The temporal window of audio-tactile integration in speech perception 

    Gick B; Ikegami Y; Derrick D (Acoustical Society of America (ASA), 2010)
    Asynchronous cross-modal information is integrated asymmetrically in audio-visual perception. To test whether this asymmetry generalizes across modalities, auditory (aspirated "pa" and unaspirated "ba" stops) and tactile ...
  • Locating de-lateralization in the pathway of sound changes affecting coda /l/ 

    Strycharczuk P; Derrick D; Shaw J (Ubiquity Press, Ltd., 2020)
    ‘Vocalization’ is a label commonly used to describe an ongoing change in progress affecting coda /l/ in multiple accents of English. The label is directly linked to the loss of consonantal constriction observed in this ...
  • Recording and reproducing speech airflow outside the mouth 

    Derrick, D.; De Rybel, T.; Fiasson, R. (University of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour, 2015)