Multimodal storytelling : exploring the role of pedagogy in developing student literacy via school television.

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Lockyer, Caroline

This research study was designed to explore the effectiveness of pedagogical practices on student literacy learning within a student television context. The study was undertaken in response to practitioner inquiry into the value and worth of school television for student literacy learning. Over the research period this project evolved into a deeply reflective self-study of teaching practice within a technological environment. This research took place in a suburban primary school where school television had been created by students for the previous two years. Twenty-two students aged between 10 and 12 participated in three cycles of action research to investigate how pedagogy influences learning within this context. A range of pedagogical actions designed to influence students’ critical thinking were implemented into action research cycles. The selection of actions for intervention was influenced by an investigation into current literature from the field, and an analysis of existing multi-literacy learning, pedagogical conditions and student views of teaching and learning within student television at the beginning of the research cycles. This study gathered information during research cycles using student learning conversations and student interviews, which provided insight into learning from the point of view of students. Supporting this information were daily researcher observations and end-of-cycle interviews with classroom teachers. Through careful monitoring, analysis and reflection on each research cycle it was clear that strategic pedagogical interventions did positively influence multi-literacy learning. Rather than attempt to measure differences in student learning, this study explored how multi-literacy learning, strategic pedagogy and learning within student television inter-related with one another. This research study identified and explored the complex inter-relationships between pedagogies and multi-literacy learning.

pedagogy, school television, student television, primary school videoing, videoing and literacy, digital storytelling, pedgaogy, 21st Century learning, new literacies, multimodal learning, multimedia learning
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