Interaction Techniques using Head Mounted Displays and Handheld Devices for Outdoor Augmented Reality

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Theses / Dissertations
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Human Interface Technology
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Master in Human Interface Technology
University of Canterbury. Human Interface Technology Lab NZ
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Budhiraja, Rahul

Depending upon their nature, Outdoor AR applications can be deployed on head mounted displays (HMD) like Google glass or handheld Displays (HHD) like smartphones. This master’s thesis investigates novel gesture-based interaction techniques and applications for a HMD-HHD hybrid system that account for advantages presented by each platform. Prior research in HMD-HHD hybrid systems and gestures used in VR and surface computing were taken into account while designing the applications and interaction techniques. A prototype system combining a HMD and HHD was developed and four applications were created for the system. For evaluating the gestures, an application that compared four of the proposed gestures for selection tasks was developed. The results showed a significant difference between the different gestures and that the choice of gesture for selection tasks using a hybrid system depended upon application requirements like speed and accuracy.

Head mounted displays, augmented reality
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