School-Community Partnerships: A Vehicle for Student Success in an Evolving World

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University of Canterbury
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Shaw, Emma

What are the reasons for developing school-community partnerships in Aotearoa New Zealand and how are they best constructed to promote future-focused education? School-community partnerships are collaborative relationships that exist between schools and other stakeholders within the community. These partnerships can benefit the development of students, providing them with a broad range of opportunities and experiences, access to social capital, and often auxiliary resources in addition to what schools can provide on their own. The advantages of successful partnerships can be particularly impactful for schools in challenging circumstances in terms of providing resources and support. This review discusses the research surrounding school-community partnerships, and explores the many challenges involved in establishing and maintaining effective relationships that support future-focused education in Aotearoa New Zealand. In conclusion, it is surmised that school-community partnerships can be an effective means of providing students with opportunities for learning beyond the classroom, thus strengthening academic and social development in a rapidly changing and diversifying world.

citizenship, active citizenry, social capital, future-focused education, collaborative relationships, community involvement, School-community partnerships
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