Mobile learning trends among students in Vietnam

dc.contributor.authorMurphy A
dc.contributor.authorMidgley W
dc.contributor.authorFarley, Helen
dc.description.abstractMobile learning has the potential to expand access to education in developing countries. Little is known about the preferences of students in some Asian countries such as Vietnam. Some of these countries have restricted internet access and may be subject to internet censorship. A study was conducted with forty-four Masters students in Vietnam to identify informal mobile learning trends. Results indicate that although rates of ownership of mobile technologies are still low in comparison to many other countries, students do use these devices to support their studies. A third of students had access to a tablet computer, smartphone or MP3 player and many students had access to more than one device. Most students used Wi-Fi and considered internet quality to be moderate or fair. Access to high quality internet and the impact of internet censorship needs to be taken into account when developing mobile learning content for students in Vietnam.en
dc.identifier.citationMurphy A, Midgley W, Farley H (2014). Mobile learning trends among students in Vietnam. Communications in Computer and Information Science. 479. 197-204.en
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dc.titleMobile learning trends among students in Vietnamen
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