Treatment engagement with a sexual offender who denies committing the offense

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Marshall WL
ware, jayson

This case study describes a strategy for treating a sexual offender who categorically denies committing the offense. These offenders usually refuse to participate in treatment or are deemed ineligible or unsuitable for sexual offender treatment on the basis of their denial of responsibility. The treatment approach outlined in this case study reflects an adaptation of conventional sexual offender treatment such that the focus is on the problems in the offender's life that led to him or her to be in a position where he or she could be "accused" of an offense. This case study demonstrates how an offender who is categorically denying responsibility for his offending was therapeutically engaged in treatment. Treatment implications of this approach are discussed. © 2008 Sage Publications.

Ware J, Marshall WL (2008). Treatment engagement with a sexual offender who denies committing the offense. Clinical Case Studies. 7(6). 592-603.
sex offender, treatment, categorical denial
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