Te Tira: A Journal of Māori and Indigenous Leadership


Te Tira is an open access journal publishing primarily the works produced by students of the Master's of Māori and Indigenous Leadership (University of Canterbury, Aotearoa) degree. It has broad application to the field of Indigenous knowledges generally, including theorising about self-determination. The aim is to encourage high quality contributions from those students and to foster discussions among academics, policy-makers and community workers in the area of Indigenous leadership and Indigenous knowledges.

Focus and Scope

Te Tira publishes both empirical and conceptual research emerging out of the Master's of Māori and Indigenous Leadership degree. The journal aims to disseminate diverse research approaches, covering innovative contributions regarding the development of Indigenous leadership and knowledge.

The main website for Te Tira is https://digitalvoyages.canterbury.ac.nz/omeka-s/s/tetira/page/issues


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