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    Accessing, sharing, and using impact data in New Zealand for disaster risk reduction
    (2020) Harrison, Sara; Potter, Sally; Prasanna, Raj; Hudson-Doyle, Emma; Johnston, David
    Understanding disaster risk is the first priority of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction for informed policy development and implementation. To achieve this countries and regions must promote the collection, analysis, management, use and dissemination of relevant data and practical information according to the needs of various users. Losses and damage, social and cultural impacts, and vulnerability, exposure, and hazard data are key datasets highlighted in the Sendai Framework. In practice these datasets enable enhanced disaster risk modelling, assessment, mapping, monitoring and multi-hazard impact-based early warning systems. Collecting and accessing this data is wrought with social and technical challenges. Methods for collecting data differ by country and region, making it difficult to collect and use standardised data. As such, there is a need for better collection and access to impact, vulnerability, and exposure information. This poster presents a portion of an ongoing PhD study investigating the current data sources and datasets available in New Zealand for understanding disaster risk. This study aims to map out existing and potential impact data sources in New Zealand to build an understanding of optimal impact data collection, sharing, and storage, drawing from both national and international practices. The objective is to help stakeholders understand what is available to them, and how they can access and contribute impact information. This will contribute to the implementation of impact-based forecasts and warnings in New Zealand and support efforts towards meeting the requirements of the Sendai Framework to build a national impacts and losses database.