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    GMSimViz: Automated 3D visualization of ground motion simulation and consequent impacts
    (2018) Polak V; Bradley, Brendon; Zhu M; Bae, Sung Eun; Motha J; Razafindrakoto HNT
    Overview. GMSimViz is an automation tool that produces an animated 3D visualization of geological faults, ground motion and other earthquake related data. Typically verification of ground motion simulations involves various data visualization methods, and a 3D animation is an excellent medium to understand the nature of an earthquake. It also helps to communicate with the general public, but its production has been largely left to time-consuming manual interaction with no existing automation tool available. GMSimViz was created to fulfill this need and produces a quality 3D animation directly from the simulation data in a fully automated way. GMSimViz is published on GitHub under MIT license. A video of the result of GMSimViz is also available on Youtube (please see '5. External Sources' at the bottom for URLs and QR codes).
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    Citizen Science and Hazard Research
    (2018) McLaren, Lisa; Johnston, David; Becker, Julia; Hudson-Doyle, Emma; Beston, Abi
    Citizen science can be defined as the inclusion of community members (geographical or interest groups) in scientific projects. There are multiple ways of setting up a project, depending on the purpose. Some projects aim to increase science education, where as others use citizens to gather large datasets. There are projects which are developed and run by scientists,while others are co-designed with community groups who share the data gathering,coding and publishing ofthe science withtheacademic researcher.1-3