Poi Poi Revolution: A real-time feedback training system for objectmanipulation

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Theses / Dissertations
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Human Interface Technology
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Master of Human Interface Technology
University of Canterbury. Human Interface Technology Laboratory
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Walker, Ryan Christopher Gareth

The affordability and availability of fast motion cameras presents an ideal opportunity to build computer systems that create real-time feed- back loops. These systems can enable users to learn at a faster rate than traditional systems, as well as present a more engaging experience. In this dissertation, I document the development and evaluation of a real- time audio and visual feedback system for geometric poi manipulation. The goal of the system is to present an experiential and objectively su- perior learning tool when compared to traditional learning techniques in the object manipulation community. For the evaluation, I conduct an experiment that compares the feedback training system with traditional learning techniques in the object manipulation community. The results suggest that the feedback system presents a more engaging experience than traditional mirror feedback training, and conclude that further re- search is warranted.

Object manipulation, poi, real-time feedback, training system, movement arts, computer vision, visual feedback
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