Acting aids in virtual production.

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Moisset, Sylvain

Previous research has shown how using virtual production could solve some of the inherent problems that suffers the traditional film making workflow mainly by bringing more flexibility to the overall process, allowing more iterative work and more communication between all the departments involved. That being said, studies have also shown that for actors, working on a film that involves visual effects can put a lot of strain on their concentration and attention and lead to a frustrating experience for them and potentially less optimal results for the film.

This project’s aim is to study if a virtual production setup can be used to provide actors, in a visual effects film making environment, with acting aids in the form of visual cues on a display. It also aims at studying which cues are more helpful for actors.

A simple setup was designed to mimic the experience of acting in a professional virtual production volume. The system includes the possibility of displaying different cues within the virtual production environment. A user study was run on a sample of actors to identify if cuing using a virtual production setup leads to better results. Experts opinions were collected during the design phase of the project to assess the relevance of the project and get directions for the design of the prototype and the use study.

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