The Resiliency of Communication Infrastruture During (AF8) Earthquake Scenarios in West Coast, NZ

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Latif, Farrukh
Ruiter, Rob
Foster, Colin
Austin, Andrew
Nair, Nirmal
Wotherspoon, Liam

The Resiliency of Communication infrastructure during Alpine fault 8 (AF8)
Earthquake scenarios in Westcoast, New Zealand

Farrukh Latif, Rob Ruiter, Collin Foster, Andrew Austin, Nirmal Nair, Liam Wotherspoon

Any contingency or recovery plan must have communication as one of its most critical supporting element. Therefore, to keep the communication network up and running becomes most vital in during and post-disaster scenarios, when the services are most needed for restoring other critical lifelines, due to inherent interdependencies, and for supporting emergency and relief management activities. In spite of the recognized critical importance, the assessment of the seismic performance for the telecommunication infrastructure is underrepresented in the literature. “The Resiliency of Communication infrastructure during Alpine fault 8 (AF8) earthquake scenarios in Westcoast, New Zealand” research project will bridge the gap.

This project is supported by the infrastructure toolbox of Resilience to Nature’s challenge (RNC) initiative and funded under the Electricity Distribution Resilience Framework informed by West Coast Alpine Fault Scenario. This project will help to carry out the research on critical telecommunication infrastructure components to understand and: 1-Develop a seismic vulnerable model (using GIS tool) and quantify the risk (using fragility curves) to communication infrastructure during AF8 in Westcoast. 2-Develop a framework for resilient communication infrastructure for seismic hazards 3- Assess and advice the resilient network architecture against the major seismic event like AF8.

This research is being carried out in collaboration with Chorus New Zealand Ltd which will provide the necessary data and information deemed important.

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