Nihavend Peşrev

dc.contributor.authorDe Lautour R
dc.description.abstractI began composing this work in June 2018 as the result of a collaboration with Cellist Yelda Özgen Öztürk and Kemençe player Neva Özgen. Using recordings of the duo performing a traditional Ottoman work as material, I created an electronic piece intended as an overlapping postlude to their performance. Most of the harmonic material is based on the Nihavend Makamı, while the dynamic swells and gradations were inspired by the expressive articulations of Kemençe playing. This version of Nihavend was performed at Arter gallery in Istanbul on June 23rd 2018. The work was substantially revised in 2019 and the new version premiered at The Multivalent Voice conference, Istanbul Technical University, Friday April 12th 2019.en
dc.identifier.citationDe Lautour R (2019). Nihavend Peşrev. Digital sound file, 2 channels..en
dc.rightsAll rights reserved unless otherwise stateden
dc.subject.anzsrcFields of Research::36 - Creative arts and writing::3603 - Music::360302 - Music composition and improvisationen
dc.subject.anzsrcFields of Research::36 - Creative arts and writing::3603 - Music::360304 - Music performanceen
dc.titleNihavend Peşreven
uc.collegeFaculty of Arts
uc.departmentSchool of Music
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