Large-Scale Display Interaction Techniques to Support Face-to-Face Collaboration

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Computer Science
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Master of Science
University of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering
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Thompson, David John

This research details the development of a large-scale, computer vision-based touch screen capable of supporting a large number of simultaneous hand interactions. The system features a novel lightweight multi-point tracking algorithm to improve real-time responsiveness. This system was trialled for six months in an exhibition installation at World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan, providing a robust, fault-tolerant interface. A pilot study was then conducted to directly compare the system against other, more established input methods (a single-touch case, a two-mouse case and a physical prototype) to determine the effectiveness and affordances of the multi-touch technology for arranging information on a large-scale wall space in a paired collaborative task. To assist in this study, a separate visualisation and interaction classification tool was developed, allowing the replay of XML log data in real time to assist in the video analysis required for observation and hypothesis testing.

computer vision, human-computer interaction, touch interface, infra-red camera, user study, perceptual interface, visualisation tool
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