Improvements on 'heating and ventilation' and 'waste management' at University Hall, Ilam Apartments and Sonoda Village for Campus Living Villages (UC Accommodation Student Village

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Wang, Chen

For university students, halls of residence could be a considerable option when they arrange accommodation. Currently, at University of Canterbury (UC), most halls are being managed by Campus Living Village (CLV). While focusing on the living experience of student residents, CLV is also willing to improve management. “Heating & Ventilation” and “Waste Management” are the two aspects in which CLV is seeking potential improvements on property management at University Hall, Ilam Apartments and Sonoda Village. Central heating is being used at University Hall, while electrical heating, including plug-in heaters and ceiling heating, is being used at the other two sites. The running costs of these electrical heating systems are relatively high. Besides, a fair part of the ventilation system does not work effectively that should be addressed, while waste volume and waste sorting are two focuses when considering improvements in waste management. Due to the limitations of the project, more in-depth analysis and actual quotes should be requested to support decisions of future actions.

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