The Relationship between Time Management and Decision-Making Processes

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University of Canterbury. Psychology
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Varlamova, Viktoriya

During the last two decades, time management and decision-making have become well-established topics in modern working life. However, little research attention has been given to the link between the two. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between time management factors and decision-making processes. This research was specifically focused on identifying which aspects of decision-making processes are related to time management factors. It was predicted that decision-making processes will be more efficient\effective when employees have time management related competencies and work in an environment that supports time management. A research model was built based on previous research in this field and tested using bivariate correlations, t-tests, and multiple-regression analyses. Five organizations in New Zealand and three in Russia participated in the research, contributing a total of 164 employees. Results indicated, as predicted, that the effectiveness of decision-making processes partially depends on time management factors. Implications of the findings are discussed and future directions for research on the relationship between time management factors and decision-making processes are suggested.

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