Breakthrough – Building Awesome Matua Study 1 Evaluation: Pre- and Post-course Surveys

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Friesen, Myron

The first part of the evaluation process for Breakthrough was the creation of a theory of change model which was completed in March of 2018 and can be found here: Breakthrough Theory of Change. The theory of change helped guide both the development of the Building Awesome Matua curriculum as well as guide the evaluation planning by identifying the assumptions, change process, and short- and long-term outcomes that participants are hypothesized to experience. Two studies were planned, but due to the lengthy delay of finding the community partners to start implementing the program and facilitator training, the evaluation work was substantially delayed. The first study, and the focus of this report, is an outcome evaluation with a mixed-methods questionnaire completed by participants prior to and after completing the Building Awesome Matua course (pre-/post-course design). The goal is to assess participants on the same measures at both time points and then estimate change in the outcomes from pre- to post-course. More specifically, this study assessed change across six outcomes identified in the theory of change: Māori cultural identification, the quality of whānau relationships, parenting confidence, anger reactivity, need for control, and parental mentalizing (i.e., a parent’s effort to try and understand the mental states and unique perspectives of their child).

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