User-centred redesign of a speech research database web interface and its associated app.

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Theses / Dissertations
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Human Interface Technology
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Master of Human Interface Technology
University of Canterbury
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Ser, Qi Min

This thesis project aim to use a user-centred design approach to redesign two related applications, LaBB-CAT and ElicitSpeech. LaBB-CAT is a speech research database that allows researchers to easily search through the trove of corpus data, listen to speech recordings, and export demographic information of the speaker as well as transcript information and metadata. Through the requirements gathering process, it was found that the information architec- ture was confusing and di cult to understand. A new search methodology was therefore implemented, and several features of the information archi- tecture were improved. Although the redesign process appeared to have improved the usability of the interface, aspects that can be further improved are mentioned. ElicitSpeech is a speech recording application that elicits speech from users to be recorded for research purposes. The requirements gathered for this system found that the current system is easy to learn and use, but the motivation and attractiveness of the system requires improvement. Gam- i cation elements were added and similar applications were consulted for the design of the nal prototype. A statistically signi cant improvement in attractiveness and e ciency was found after the redesign. This thesis project was able to create a usable interface of a speech re- search database, as well as a user-friendly interface of a speech recording ap- plication, which would contribute to hastening the progress of future speech and linguistics research. Future work for the redesign project of LaBB-CAT should focus on the learnability of the interface as well as the upload feature of the interface. Future redesign projects for ElicitSpeech should focus on designing for the motoric disabilities that people with dysarthria might have, as well as to incorporate gami cation elements to improve user motivation.

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