Daddy long legs : a scale and speed up virtual reality locomotion technique for medium-scale scenarios.

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Zhao, Yue

This study investigates the effectiveness of a novel natural walking-based locomotion technique, "Daddy Long Legs," for navigating medium-scale virtual scenarios. While real walking remains ideal for such scenarios, prolonged use can become physically demanding and inefficient. Conversely, artificial locomotion methods often induce disorientation or fatigue that comes from abrupt viewpoint changes or repeated gestures.

Drawing inspiration from previous research on Seven-League Boots and Ground-Level Scaling, both with documented advantages and limitations, this study proposes a combined approach. We believed that their strengths and weaknesses could be effectively balanced through careful design, but there has been a lack of comprehensive study in this area.

A user study involving 24 participants was conducted, in which they were required to perform a series of walking tasks within a medium-scale virtual garden. Furthermore, they did a Pre-Experiment Questionnaire and Post-Experiment Questionnaires, along with a brief one-on-one interview that specifically addressed their feelings and preferences regarding all the methods. Results indicate that Daddy Long Legs outperformed Seven-League Boots in all aspects. Notably, Ground-Level Scaling yielded the most natural walking behaviour, received the most positive feedback, and emerged as the preferred method.

Virtual Reality, locomotion, Seven-League Boots, Ground-Level Scaling
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