Magnetic Design Aspects of Coupled-Inductor Topologies for Transient Suppression

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Silva Thotabaddadurage S
Kularatna N
Steyn-Ross DA

jats:pBased on the discovery of the surge absorption capability of supercapacitors, a transient protector named supercapacitor-assisted surge absorber (SCASA) was designed and implemented in a commercial device. Despite its simplicity, the circuit topology consisted of a coupled inductor wound around a specially selected magnetic core. This paper elucidates the design aspects of SCASA coupled-inductor topologies with a special focus on the magnetic action of core windings during transient propagation. The non-ideal operation of the SCASA transformer was studied based on a semi-empirical approach with predictions made by using magnetizing and leakage permeances. The toroidal flux distribution through the transformer was also determined for a 6 kV/3 kA combinational surge, and these findings were validated by using a lightning surge simulator. In predicting the possible effects of magnetic saturation, the hysteresis properties of different powdered-iron and ferrite core types were considered to select the optimal design for surge absorption. The test results presented in this research revealed that X-Flux powdered-iron toroid and air-gapped EER ferrite yielded exceptional performance with ∼10% and ∼20% lower load–voltage clamping compared to that of the existing Kool μu design. These prototypes further demonstrated a remarkable surge endurance, withstanding over 250 consecutive transients. This paper also covers details of three-winding design optimizations of SCASA and LTSpice simulations under the IEC 61000/IEEE C62.45 standard transient conditions.</jats:p>

Silva Thotabaddadurage S, Kularatna N, Steyn-Ross DA Magnetic Design Aspects of Coupled-Inductor Topologies for Transient Suppression. Electronics. 12(1). 246-246.
supercapacitors, transient absorption, magnetic permeance, coupled inductor, transformer modeling, LTSpice simulations, ferrites, powdered iron
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