Real-time Visual Representations for Mixed Reality Remote Collaboration

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Gao L
Bai H
Piumsomboon T
Lee G
Lindeman RW
Billinghurst, Mark

We present a prototype Mixed Reality (MR) system with a hybrid interface to support remote collaboration between a local worker and a remote expert in a large-scale work space. By combining a low-resolution 3D point-cloud of the environment surrounding the local worker with a high-resolution real-time view of small focused details, the remote expert can see a virtual copy of the local workspace with an independent viewpoint control. Meanwhile, the export can also check the current actions of the local worker through a real-time feedback view. We conducted a pilot study to evaluate the usability of our system by comparing the performance of three different interface designs (showing the real-time view in forms of 2D first-person view, a 2D third-person view and a 3D point cloud view). We found no difference in average task performance time between the three interfaces, but there was a difference in user preference.

Gao L, Bai H, Piumsomboon T, Lee G, Lindeman RW, Billinghurst M (2017). Real-time Visual Representations for Mixed Reality Remote Collaboration. ICAT-EGVE 2017 - International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence & Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments.
Human-centered computing, Mixed / augmented reality, Virtual reality, Collaborative and social computing design and evaluation methods
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