Augmented reality for alternative measuring techniques in geospatial field work.

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Master of Human Interface Technology
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Turton, David

This thesis assesses the value of a LiDAR application created for the the collection of data in geospatial field work. Several interfaces were developed for this tool with the purpose of determining the best method of selection in 3D space using augmented reality for data collection. Background research evaluates multiple tools and the validity of mobile LiDAR for measuring and data collection. Selection in 3D space using augmented reality is complex and multiple tools were analyzed for how they could be adapted for this task. Two user studies were performed. The first user study was performed with non- professional users aiming to evaluate the effectiveness of the different interfaces developed based on time taken, efficiency, accuracy, and user experience. The second user study consisted of interviews and test runs with GIS developers who analyzed the interfaces, gave feedback on them, and discussed how they compare to existing workflows in GIS data collection. Feedback from these studies was used to determine the best possible interface for the application, how the interfaces can be improved, and if it can operate as a potential alternative measuring tool to existing workflow.

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