Reducing beam hardening effects and metal artefacts in spectral CT using Medipix3RX

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Rajendran, K
Walsh, M. F.
de Ruiter, N. J. A.
Chernoglazov, A. I.
Panta, R. K.
Butler, P. H.
Bell, S. T.
Woodfield, T. B. F.
Tredinnick, J.
Healy, J. L.

This paper discusses methods for reducing beam hardening effects and metal artefacts using spectral x-ray information in biomaterial samples. A small-animal spectral scanner was operated in the 15 to 80 keV x-ray energy range for this study. We use the photon-processing features of a CdTe-Medipix3RX ASIC in charge summing mode to reduce beam hardening and associated artefacts. We present spectral data collected for metal alloy samples, its analysis using algebraic 3D reconstruction software and volume visualisation using a custom volume rendering software. The cupping effect and streak artefacts were quantified in the spectral datasets. The results show reduction in beam hardening effects and metal artefacts in the narrow high energy range acquired using the spectroscopic detector. A post-reconstruction comparison between CdTe-Medipix3RX and Si-Medipix3.1 is discussed. The raw data and processed data are openly available for testing with other software routines.

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