The contribution of wet deposition and particulate matter to total copper, lead and zinc in stormwater runoff

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Murphy LU
Cochrane, Thomas
O'Sullivan, Aisling Dominique

Wet deposition is an important process in the removal of heavy metal particulates from the atmosphere. However, the contribution of wet deposition to the total heavy metal deposition flux can vary widely between different airsheds. Understanding the contribution of wet deposition to the total metal deposition flux is important for accurate knowledge of local atmospheric deposition processes, which will subsequently help in the selection of appropriate stormwater treatment and management options. This research monitored Cu, Zn and Pb loads in wet deposition samples and in bulk deposition samples from modular concrete paving slab systems. In conjunction, ambient particulate matter (PM) concentrations were monitored to determine their contribution to the wet deposition flux. All research was conducted in an industrial land-use area in Christchurch, New Zealand. Results showed that wet deposition efficiently removed PM from the atmosphere, but after 1–2.5 antecedent dry days, PM concentrations recovered. Subsequent antecedent dry days, i.e > 1–2.5 d, did not influence PM concentrations. Pb loads in wet deposition were dependent on coarse PM (size range between 2.5 μm and 10 μm) concentrations. This suggested that there was a local source emitting coarse Pb particles into the atmosphere. Wet deposition was an important contributor of dissolved Zn to bulk deposition. However, dry deposition was the greatest source of total Cu, Zn, and Pb loads in bulk deposition. This is principally due to the low annual rainfall in Christ church, which limits pollutant removal via wet deposition unlike dry deposition, which is continually occurring.

Murphy LU, Cochrane TA, O'Sullivan A (2016). The contribution of wet deposition and particulate matter to total copper, lead and zinc in stormwater runoff. Chemistry in New Zealand, Volume 80, No. 1, January 2016. p. 21-26.
atmospheric deposition, heavy metals, stormwater pollution, particulate matter
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