Virtues, vices and place attachment

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Mason, Carolyn

There is a virtue associated with forming and maintaining relationships to places. This virtue has not been recognised by philosophers, but it plays a role in indigenous cultures across the world. Hence, place attachment is one of many areas in which indigenous knowledge can contribute to the development of Western philosophy. After explaining what it means for a disposition to act in accordance with this virtue to be a Neo-Aristotelian virtue, examples from Māori culture are used to explain why the way that people form relationships to places can be a virtue in this neo-Aristotelian sense. Recognising this virtue reveals ways of interacting with the world that contribute to human and environmental flourishing, as well as revealing a new way in which indigenous people are harmed when dispossessed of their ancestral land.

Mason C (2021). Virtues, vices and place attachment. UPJA Virtual Conference. 19/06/2021-20/06/2021.
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