Texture-boundary detection in real-time

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Computer Science
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Doctor of Philosophy
University of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering
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Hidayat, Jefferson Ray Tan

Boundary detection is an essential first-step for many computer vision applications. In practice, boundary detection is difficult because most images contain texture. Normally, texture-boundary detectors are complex, and so cannot run in real-time. On the other hand, the few texture boundary detectors that do run in real-time leave much to be desired in terms of quality. This thesis proposes two real-time texture-boundary detectors – the Variance Ridge Detector and the Texton Ridge Detector – both of which can detect high-quality texture-boundaries in real-time. The Variance Ridge Detector is able to run at 47 frames per second on 320 by 240 images, while scoring an F-measure of 0.62 (out of a theoretical maximum of 0.79) on the Berkeley segmentation dataset. The Texton Ridge Detector runs at 10 frames per second but produces slightly better results, with an F-measure score of 0.63. These objective measurements show that the two proposed texture-boundary detectors outperform all other texture-boundary detectors on either quality or speed. As boundary detection is so widely-used, this development could induce improvements to many real-time computer vision applications.

computer vision, texture, boundary detection, segmentation, real-time
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