Acquisition and processing of data in a tomographic imaging apparatus

dc.contributor.authorKingston A
dc.contributor.authorLatham S
dc.contributor.authorSheppard A
dc.contributor.authorMyers G
dc.contributor.authorRecur B
dc.contributor.authorLi HT
dc.contributor.authorVarslot T
dc.description.abstractA method of investigating a specimen using a tomographic imaging apparatus using a stage for producing relative motion of a source with respect to a specimen , so as to allow the source and a detector to image the specimen along a series of different viewing axes and a processing apparatus for assembling a tomographic image of at least part of the specimen . The investigation is carried out by considering a virtual reference surface that surrounds the specimen and is substantially centered thereon , considering an incoming point of intersection of each of said viewing axes with this reference surface , thereby generating a set of such intersec tion points corresponding to the series of viewing axes , choosing discrete viewing axes in the series so as to cause the set to comprise a two - dimensional lattice of points located areally on the reference surface in a substantially uniform distribution.en
dc.identifier.citationKingston A, Latham S, Sheppard A, Myers G, Recur B, Li HT, Varslot T (2019). Acquisition and processing of data in a tomographic imaging apparatus. .en
dc.rightsAll rights reserved unless otherwise stateden
dc.subject.anzsrcFields of Research::40 - Engineering::4003 - Biomedical engineering::400304 - Biomedical imagingen
dc.titleAcquisition and processing of data in a tomographic imaging apparatusen
dc.typeIntellectual Propertyen
uc.collegeFaculty of Engineering
uc.departmentMathematics and Statistics
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