The development of grade related criteria in sixth form certificate drama

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Bushnell, Paul R.

With the co-operation of a number of teachers throughout the country, this project developed, trialled and evaluated two parallel sets of grade related criteria for use in the assessment of Sixth Form Certificate Drama. The writing of the criteria occurred in 1990, while 1991 was devoted to trialling the statements drafted, and evaluating their usefulness as a form of achievement based assessment. A questionnaire sent to all 25 teachers who had taken part in the trial elicited substantial support for this method of assessing drama, although reservations were expressed about the wording of the draft sets. Grade related criteria were seen by teachers as a valid and valuable tool in assessment, having positive effects for teachers and students alike on the curriculum and classroom practice. They were considered to provide more precise and transparent evaluation than norm-referenced assessment, and there was emphatic support among project participants for their future development. The need for further training in the use of grade related criteria was commonly felt, and most participants in the project made gains in their professional development as a result of their involvement with it. The project recommends that a single set of grade related criteria be developed and trialled on a national level, with adequate support provided by (a) teacher relief for inservice teacher training, (b) the development of suitable moderation procedures, and (c) the writing of a comprehensive resource book.

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