Finite-size and Disorder Effects on 1D Unipartite and Bipartite Surface Lattice Resonances

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The Optical Society
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Moore, Ciaran
Alkaisi, Maan
Warren, Aran

Optical resonances in bipartite metal nanostructure lattices are more resilient to finite size-effects than equivalent unipartite lattices, but the complexities of their behaviour in non-ideal settings remain relatively unexplored. Here we investigate the quality factor and extinction efficiency of 1D Ag and Au unipartite and bipartite lattices. By modelling finite size lattices over a range of periods we show that the quality factor of Ag bipartite lattices is significantly better than unipartite lattices. This improvement is less pronounced for Au bipartite lattices. We also show that bipartite lattices are dramatically affected by structure size variations at scales that are typically seen in electron beam lithography fabrication in contrast to unipartite lattices, which are not as sensitive.

Warren A, Alkaisi M, Moore C (2022). Finite-size and Disorder Effects on 1D Unipartite and Bipartite Surface Lattice Resonances. Optics Express.
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