A comparative study of using Augmented Reality interfaces for vehicle navigation

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Human Interface Technology
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Master of Human Interface Technology
University of Canterbury. Human Interface Technology Lab
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Jose, Richie

Augmented Reality (AR) is technology that provides a view of real world environment with which has augmented or virtual components. In this thesis I explore how AR can be used for in-vehicle applications. AR systems can be used for navigation applications, combining this with capabilities like monitoring of data relevant to the driver could be a powerful tool for in vehicle assistance in automobiles. Some research is being done on using AR in automobiles for in-vehicle assistance using different technologies like see-through head mounted displays (HMD) or using projectors to use the windshield as a see through, heads up display (HUD).

With all the research being done on AR display technologies in vehicles, a concern that arises is the possibility of the AR components distracting the driver from their normal driving activities. Less research has been done on comparing between different AR display types.

For my master thesis, I investigated the effectiveness of three technologies to show AR content: • using an HMD similar to Google Glass • using the Windshield as a display • using a dashboard mounted console

Based on the results of the study, it was found that the Windshield based AR HUD was superior over the fixed console based HDD (AR Lens) and the Head Mounted Display. The Windshield Display performed superior to the other displays in terms of ratio of number of navigational errors, maintaining the speed limit and ability to detect objects in the surrounding. It was also preferred by the subjects over the other displays. The AR Lens performed relatively average in the test study and performed higher than the HMD for most of the tests. The HMD showed comparatively better results than the AR Lens in maintaining the speed limit but was the least preferred by most of the participants.

ar, augmented reality, hud, hmd, hdd, windshield, automobile, navigation
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