SCENARIO SISMICO: a tool for seismic risk analysis and real time damage scenarios implementation

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University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering
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Balbi, A.
Galasco, A.
Giovinazzi, S.
Lagomarsino, S.
Parodi, S.

"Scenario Sismico" is a GIS tool designed and implemented by the authors for the simulation and the representation of real time damage scenarios in Liguria Region. The specific aim of the tool is to suport local Civil Protection departments and government officials for the emergency management, during the first hours after an earthquake event. "Scenario Sismico" can be as well regarded as an useful tool to help formulating general strategies for earthquake mitigation and disaster response planning. Thanks to its user-friendly framework, implemented within ALOV Map/TMJava application, its use does not require any specific GIS expertise.

Once the earthquake scenario is set (by specifying the epicentre position, the magnitude and the hypocentral depth) the expected hazard, the physical damage to buildings and the consequences to people, expressed in terms of possible range, are automatically obtained and displayed in terms of thematic maps and databases. The results of the vulnerability and of the exposure analyses for all the Liguria Region are as well provided in terms of maps and databases. This paper is addressed to the presentation and to the description of the software and of the methodological framework at the basis of the "Scenario Sismico" tool. The simulation of an earthquake event is moreover presented, in order to show the effectiveness of the real time damage assessment resulting from "Scenario Sismico" in supporting the emergency management.

Balbi A., Galasco A., Giovinazzi S., Lagomarsino S., Parodi S. (2006) SCENARIO SISMICO: a tool for seismic risk analysis and real time damage scenarios implementation. Geneva, Switzerland: First European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (ECEES), 3-8 Sep 2006.
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