Sweetening climate information for sugar cane farmers with Second Life machinima

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Farley, Helen
Cliffe, Neil
Reardon-Smith, Kate
Mushtaq, Shahbaz
Loch, Adam
Lindesay, Janette

The economic and environmental viability of farming enterprises depends on good decision making. However, seasonal conditions and weather events can play a major role in determining the outcome of such decisions. Ready access to targeted climate information at time scales appropriate to on-farm decision making and knowing how best to use this information is of growing importance, particularly in regions subject to increasing climatic variability and risk.

Farley H (2013). Sweetening climate information for sugar cane farmers with Second Life machinima. Second Life: Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference: 2013 – Beyond the Stage. 24/07/2013-27/07/2013.
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30 - Agricultural, veterinary and food sciences::3002 - Agriculture, land and farm management::300202 - Agricultural land management
46 - Information and computing sciences::4607 - Graphics, augmented reality and games
41 - Environmental sciences::4101 - Climate change impacts and adaptation::410102 - Ecological impacts of climate change and ecological adaptation
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