Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) production in Fiji : challenges and opportunities for smallholder potato growers in Fiji

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Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies
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Vurebe, Atama
Leweniqila, Ilisoni
Tuivanualevu, Tetalo

In terms of food consumption, potato is ranked the third most important crop on which many in developing countries depend. The popularity of potatoes in local diets in Fiji has tremendously increased since its introduction in the 1860s by European settlers. Developing the potato industry in Fiji was mainly driven by an increase in local consumption and import reduction. There are increased efforts by the government and various stakeholders to improve potato production, but supply has not been stable to meet the local demand. For this reason, Fiji continues to import potatoes in large quantities and supply them to local markets more efficiently. This paper explores the challenges faced by the potato industry and future opportunities for the socio-economic viability of smallholder potato production in Fiji. A qualitative research approach was used, underpinned by the talanoa methodology of research within the Fijian Vanua Research Framework. Talanoa sessions were conducted with growers and other relevant stakeholders in the major potatogrowing areas in Fiji.

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