Mobile learning anytime, anywhere: What are our students doing?

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Murphy A
Lane M
Hafeez-Baig A
Carter B
Farley, Helen

Recent developments in mobile technologies have provided unique opportunities for learning and teaching. This paper reports on recent research undertaken at a regional Australian university in order to understand how higher education students are using mobile devices to support their learning. A survey instrument was developed and deployed and the data collected analysed quantitatively. Upon analysis, these data demonstrate that students are predominantly using laptop computers to support their learning, but their use of smart phones and tablets are also used for a number of specific learning activities. Further analysis indicates that in spite of the limitations in the formal university infrastructure, many students would like to use their mobile devices for formal learning as well as informal learning.

Murphy A, Farley H, Lane M, Hafeez-Baig A, Carter B (2013). Mobile learning anytime, anywhere: What are our students doing?. Proceedings of the 24th Australasian Conference on Information Systems.
mobile learning, m-learning, smart technologies, student usage, higher education
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