A "SIDRA" for Road Safety

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University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering.
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Turner, S.
Tate, F.
Koorey, Glen

SIDRA is a junction/intersection model that is used throughout New Zealand and Australia to quantify the efficiency (e.g. traffic delays) of an isolated intersection. It is just one of a series of computer packages available for assessing the efficiency benefits/disbenefits of roading changes. However, none of the available packages allow simultaneous evaluation of safety and efficiency in NZ conditions, for road network improvements/changes. Such software will be required in the future to enable roading authorities to assess the safety impact of new or changed roads and intersections. Similar software is in various stages of development internationally, including SafetyAnalyst & IHSDM in the USA, SafeNET in the UK, and Road Safety Risk Manager & NetRisk in Australasia. This technical note identifies the important attributes that are required in a road safety evaluation tool, or series of tools, for New Zealand conditions. It includes a review of the overseas software, whether they can be applied in New Zealand and what local software may be required.

Winner, Chairman’s Prize for Best Technical Note
Turner, S., Tate, F., Koorey, G. (2007) A "SIDRA" for Road Safety. Tauranga, New Zealand: IPENZ Transportation Group Technical Conference, 7-10 Oct 2007. 6pp.
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