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    • Origin of spectacular fields of submarine sediment waves around volcanic islands 

      Pope EL; Jutzeler M; Cartigny MJB; Shreeve J; Talling PJ; Wright IC; Wysoczanski RJ (Elsevier BV, 2018)
      Understanding how large eruptions and landslides are recorded by seafloor morphology and deposits on volcanic island flanks is important for reconstruction of volcanic island history and geohazard assessment. Spectacular ...
    • Hearing, seeing, and feeling speech: A pilot EEG study 

      Hansmann D; Theys C; Derrick D (2018)
      A large number of EEG studies have shown that auditory-visual signals lead to a neurophysiological processing advantage compared to auditory-only signals. Behavioral speech perception studies have shown that tactile stimuli ...
    • Audio-Visual-Tactile integration in speech perception. 

      Derrick D; Hansmann D; Haws Z; Theys C (2018)
      Behavioural audio-visual research has shown enhancement1 and interference2 in speech perception, as has behavioural audio-tactile research3. However, to date, we have not encountered any experimental behavioural research ...
    • Mask-less oral and nasal audio recording and air flow estimation for speech analysis 

      Derrick D; Duerr J; Kerr RG (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2019)
      Here is demonstrated Rivener, a mask-less oral and nasal audio recorder and air flow estimation system. This system records audio and low-frequency pseudo-sound from the nares and mouth. The system does not interfere with ...
    • Delivering Information Literacy via Facebook: Here Comes the Spinach! 

      Tyson AF; Angelo A; McElwaine B; Tauro K (University of Alberta Libraries, 2019)
      Objective – Information literacy (IL) skills are critical to undergraduate student success and yet not all students receive equal amounts of curriculum-integrated IL instruction. This study investigated whether Facebook ...
    • Monitoring sediment production from forest road approaches to stream crossings in the Virginia Piedmont 

      Brown KR; Aust WM; McGuire KJ (2015)
      -Reopening of abandoned legacy roads is common in forest operations and represents a reduced cost in comparison to new road construction. However, legacy roads may have lower road standards and require additional best ...
    • Starting school in New Zealand 

      Boereboom JB (2017)
    • Rip current observations on a low-sloping dissipative beach 

      Gallop S; Bryan K; Pitman SJ; Ranasinghe R; Sandwell D (2015)
      Rip currents are the main cause of beach rescues and fatalities. Key drivers of rip current hazard are: (1) fast current speeds; and (2) the exit rate of floating material from inside to outside of the surf zone. Exit ...
    • Proceedings of the New Zealand Institutional Repository Community Day 2015 

      Brown, Allison; Curnow, Amanda; He, Amanda; Joseph, Amy; Schweer, Andrea; White, Andrew; Angelo, Anton; Arona, Aurelia; Fitchett, Deborah; Richardson, Emma; Wilson, Fiona; Walker, Glen; Thomas, Helen; Taiuru, Karaitiana; Miller, Kate; Gilmour, Kerry; Shepherd, Kim; Pengelly, Leah; Yoshioka, Mariko; Sullivan, Max; Parry, Michael; Paul, Nekerangi; Kennedy, Peter; Dawson, Roger; bin Mahli, Rudy; Tritt, Sarah; Cooke, Simon; Donaldson, Steve; Allan, Sue; Avery, Tom; Anderson, Valerie (University of Canterbury, 2015)
      The following notes were made by attendees (listed at the end of the document) and published under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.
    • Citing the Institutional Repository 

      Angelo, Anton F; Walsh, Lucy-Jane; Thomson, Christoper (2016)
      We found over 1000 unique items in New Zealand Institutional Repositories gIRs) cited almost 2000 times in articles indexed by SCOPUS. Theses and grey materials are becoming mainstream scholarly communication.
    • Non-metallic ultrasound probe holder for co-collection and co-registration with EMA 

      Derrick, D.; Best, C.T.; Fiasson, R. (University of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour, 2015)
      Co-collection and co-registration of ultrasound images of the tongue and articulometry data requires the stabilization of the ultrasound probe relative to the head using a non-metallic system. Audio, ultrasound, and ...
    • Perceived object continuity and spontaneous retrieval of features from an inhibited object 

      Chen, Z.; Yeh, Y-Y (University of Canterbury. Psychology, 2013)
      Previous research has shown that attention to an object can trigger the retrieval of features of a preceding object. The present study investigates whether such retrieval would occur to a recently inhibited object. In ...
    • Collaborative Governance and Accountability 

      Jenkins, B.R. (University of Canterbury. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, 2014)
    • A history of the environmental impact of NZ’s only mainland base: Vanda Station 

      Webster-Brown, J.G.; Hawes, I. (University of Canterbury. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, 2015)
      Vanda Station was built beside Lake Vanda in the Wright Valley, Victoria Land in 1968. It was occupied every summer field season, and occasionally over winter. In 1993 it was removed when the rising level of Lake Vanda ...
    • The influence of tongue position on trombone sound: A likely area of language influence 

      Heyne, M.; Derrick, D. (University of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour, 2015)
      This paper builds on initial evidence of First Language influence on brass playing presented in Heyne and Derrick (2013) [13] by indicating how tongue positioning might affect trombone timbre. Ultrasound imaging ...
    • Examining speech production using masked priming 

      Davis, C.; Shaw, J.; Proctor, M.; Derrick, D.; Sherwood, S.; Kim, J. (University of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour, 2015)
      The time to initiate naming a printed target word is reduced when preceded by an identical masked prime (match prime) or by one that has the same initial letter (onset prime) compared to an all letter different control. ...
    • The Environmental Management of Whaingaroa/Raglan Harbour with a Focus on the Period Since 1970 

      Fisher, M. (University of Canterbury. Ngai Tahu Research Centre, 2014)
      The claims issues of relevance to this study of Whaingaroa Harbour generally focus on the management, environmental degradation and alleged cultural desecration of the Harbour by the Crown and its delegated local ...
    • Phosphorous from Agricultural Run-off: New insights from Monitoring and Modelling 

      Webster-Brown, J.G.; Waters, A.S. (University of Canterbury. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, 2014)
      The management of phosphorous (P) in agricultural run-off currently focuses on trapping P-bearing sediment in riparian zones or settlement ponds. This is based on the common assumption that P is almost entirely bound to ...
    • On the inter-dependence of tonal and vocalic production goals in Chinese 

      Shaw, J.; Wei-rong, C.; Proctor, M.I.; Derrick, D.; Dakhoul, E. (University of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour, 2014)
      We studied tone-vowel coproduction using Electromagnetic Articulography (EMA). Fleshpoints on the tongue and jaw were tracked while native Chinese speakers (n = 6) produced three vowels, /a/, /i/, /u/, combined with ...
    • Some initial findings regarding language influence on playing brass instruments 

      Heyne, M.; Derrick, D. (University of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour, 2014)
      This paper presents some initial findings regarding the influence of First Language on playing brass instruments. Using ultra- sound imaging of the tongue, vowel production and sustained trombone notes were compared for a ...