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    • The adaptation of the family system to separation and reunion : an exploratory study of military families. 

      Stent, Wade Alexander (University of Canterbury. Child and Family Psychology, 2014)
      Extended periods of parent-child separation is a stressor that some families face due to vocational factors, immigration, incarceration and other interruptions in family living arrangements. Research suggests that these ...
    • An analysis of variables affecting instructional efficiency 

      McWilliams, Kyle Grant (University of Canterbury. School of Education, 2006)
      A lot about the learning process still remains unknown. The experiments described in this thesis investigated variables that affect instructional efficiency by employing specifically programmed computers to manage and ...
    • Body size, physical activity, and exposure to television in preschoolers 

      Oliver, M.; Schluter, P.J.; Schofield, G.M. (University of Canterbury. School of Health Sciences, 2012)
      Objective: To investigate relationships between preschool-aged children’s body size and physical activity, exposure to television (TV), and parental body size. Design and Subjects: Cross-sectional study of 80 children ...