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    • Lamb v London Borough of Camden: A Case of Shifting Foundations 

      Todd, S. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1982)
      What is the proper test of causation when a defendant's breach of duty does not by itself cause damage to a plaintiff but provides the opportunity for a deliberate and harmful intervention by a third-party'?
    • Negligence, Economic Loss and the Ambit of the Duty of Care 

      Todd, S. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1980)
      Difficulty in determining the true basis in law for allowing recovery of "pure" economic loss which is not consequential upon any physical damage suffered by a plaintiff has preoccupied the courts in a number of ...
    • Remedies of the Buyer for Damage to Goods Carried by Sea 

      Todd, S. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1986)
      The object of this article is to consider (i) the circumstances in which the buyer of goods being carried by sea can sue the carrier in contract in respect of loss of or damage to the goods and (ii) whether, perhaps lacking ...