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    • It's Mine! Participation and Ownership within Virtual Value Co-creation Environments 

      Harwood, T.; Garry, T. (University of Canterbury. Management, 2010)
      Interpretations of value and the processes of value creation are rapidly evolving from product and firm centric perspectives to personalised consumer experiences. However, whilst much of the literature in this area ...
    • Judicial Review of Universities - The Visitor and the visited 

      Caldwell, J.L. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1982)
      The University visitor is a truly remarkable figure in English law. Described by one writer a "redolent of monarchical paternalism in an isolated unworldly community of scholars" this once remote figure has become prominent ...
    • Juries and the use of social media during trials 

      Cheer, U. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 2013)
      Media reported recently that there may be an attempt to stop the Jesse Ryder assault case because of publication of material that may damage the accused’s right to fair trial. One of the concerns in cases like this is ...
    • Kia kaha Europe: Teaching and Learning European Union Law in New Zealand 

      Masselot, A. (University of Canterbury. Department of Accounting and Information Systems, 2016)
      How do we as teachers make European Union law obviously relevant to students studying at a university level in New Zealand? The relationship between New Zealand and the European Union is strong and important – from our ...
    • King v Grundon: The need for real and substantial harm in defamation 

      Cheer, U. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 2012)
      I want to talk today about a recent decision of the UK High Court called King v Grundon. This was a defamation decision given extempore, which means an oral judgment given by the judge at the time – live, so to speak, or ...
    • Knowledge Sharing in IT Consultant and SME Interactions 

      Bradshaw, A.; Pulakanam, V.; Cragg, P. (University of Canterbury. Department of Accounting and Information SystemsUniversity of Canterbury. Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship, 2015)
      Many SMEs depend on consultants to overcome knowledge barriers, especially for IT projects. This paper aims to determine how IT consultants affect the IT knowledge of SMEs when IT consultants and SMEs interact. Data were ...
    • Lamb v London Borough of Camden: A Case of Shifting Foundations 

      Todd, S. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1982)
      What is the proper test of causation when a defendant's breach of duty does not by itself cause damage to a plaintiff but provides the opportunity for a deliberate and harmful intervention by a third-party'?
    • The Law Around Leaking and Breach of Confidence 

      Cheer, U. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 2013)
      As we know, it’s been a month of leaking, blogging and breaching court orders. I thought it would be a good idea to try and answer some general questions around the relevant laws, some of which have got mangled a bit in ...
    • Leading in a Post-disaster Setting: Guidance for Human Resource Practitioners 

      Nilakant, Venkataraman; Walker, Bernard; Rochford, Kylie; Van Heugten, Kate (2013)
      Based on a qualitative study of four organisations involving 47 respondents following the extensive 2010 – 2011 earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, this paper presents some guidance for human resource practitioners ...
    • Learning to exchange time: Benefits and obstacles to time banking 

      Ozanne, L.K. (University of Canterbury. Management, 2010)
      Findings from a qualitative study of Time Bank members from the first Time Bank in New Zealand are reported. Using focus groups, this study identifies benefits of Time Banking in terms of physical, human, social, and ...
    • 'Legitimate Expectation' and the Rules of Natural Justice 

      Caldwell, J.L. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1983)
      In recent years the nature and boundaries of "the duty to act fairly" has been the predominant subject of judicial and academic concern in any discussion on the application of the rules of natural justice. Now that the ...
    • Male-biased sex ratios in Australian migrant populations: a population-based study of 1 191 250 births 1999-2015 

      Edvardsson K; Axmon A; Powell RL; Davey M-A (2018)
      Background: The naturally occurring male-to-female (M/F) ratio at birth is 1.05. Higher ratios found primarily in countries across Asia have been attributed to prenatal sex selection due to son preference. There is growing ...
    • Measuring the effects of visual scan codes in advertising 

      Fortin DR; Surovaya K (Inderscience Publishers, 2018)
      Copyright © 2018 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. With smart phone technology becoming increasingly widespread in the consumption space, the use of Visual Scan Codes (VSC) such as QR (Quick Response) or Shazam codes are ...
    • Media law - disaster reporting 

      Cheer, U. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 2013)
      Today I want to discuss the ongoing issue of how the internet is affecting areas of media law – in this case, defamation law. Many questions have been raised about the issue of publication on the internet and whether it ...
    • De Meo et Tuo, or, the True Nostrum 

      Round, D.J. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1991)
      We call the Middle Ages the "Age of Faith", and the "Enlightenment" of the eighteenth century the "Age of Reason". Looking at the irrationalities, cruelties and manias which have marred history since then, however, it ...
    • Midterm elections’ stock market surge – an unintentional gift from US politicians 

      Bialkowski JP; Nahavandi A (2018)
      The paper provides evidence for the existence of a midterm election effect on the US equity market. By examining the quarterly total returns on the S&P 500 Index between 1954 and 2017, we show that, nine times out of 10, ...
    • Minority Buy-Out Rights in the Companies Act 1993 

      Taylor, L. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1997)
    • The moderating influence of client sophistication on relationships within business-to-business credence service markets 

      Garry, T.; Harwood, T. (University of Canterbury. Management, 2009)
      Purpose: This paper reports on a study which aims to identify the characteristics and determinants of client sophistication within the UK corporate legal services market and to investigate its affect in determining the ...
    • National Culture and Corporate Rating Migrations. 

      Dang HD (2018)
      The informal constraints that arise from the national culture in which a firm resides have a pervasive impact on managerial decision making and corporate credit risk, which in turn impacts on corporate ratings and rating ...
    • ¿Necesitan derechos los ríos? Comparando estructuras legales para la regulación de los ríos en Nueva Zelanda, Australia y Chile 

      Macpherson EJ; O'Donnell E (2018)
      Este artículo aborda lo que el otorgamiento de “personalidad jurídica” a los ríos puede ofrecer a las opciones institucionales para la regulación medio ambiental del agua. Se examina esta pregunta al estudiar la ...