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    • MARS-MD: rejection based image domain material decomposition 

      Bateman CJ; Knight D; Brandwacht B; Mahon JM; Healy J; Panta R; Aamir R; Rajendran K; Moghiseh M; Ramyar M; Rundle D; Bennett J; Ruiter ND; Smithies D; Bell ST; Doesburg R; Chernoglazov A; Mandalika VBH; Walsh M; Shamshad M; Anjomrouz M; Atharifard A; Broeke LV; Bheesette S; Kirkbride T; Anderson NG; Gieseg SP; Woodfield T; Renaud PF; Butler APH; Butler PH (2018)
      This paper outlines image domain material decomposition algorithms that have been routinely used in MARS spectral CT systems. These algorithms (known collectively as MARS-MD) are based on a pragmatic heuristic for solving ...